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i really hate it when documentation for config options doesn't say what the defaults are

*turns to ffmpeg-codecs.html*

yes, you. i'm talking about you.

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Reading the release notes for Org mode 9.5 reminds me how much stuff there is in Org. Everything, basically.

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I really wish OSS communities would stop defaulting to Discord or Slack. Your software isn’t a lifestyle. I don’t want to live with the goddamn thing. I want a forum I can visit once in a while, not to take out an attention mortgage.

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May I present to you:

Actually usable scroll bars.

Real-world use cases:

1. Scrolling up/down.

2. Scrolling left/right.

3. At-a-glance indication of position.

4. At-a-glance indication of size of current working area in proportion to the total working area.


@alex @Firesphere more than one of my kerbal rockets did exactly the same thing. It's so cool to see all the live launches

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My hot take on is that the license change is good actually. They should get to make money too, and charging large corporations only for the optional GUI part of docker is about the most reasonable way to do it.

@glasnt i locked myself out of my work laptop. Can't get back in and IT only opens at L3.
Enforced break 😓

@zkat I own a thinkpad t14 with amd 4xxx cpu. 16threads and decent graphics.

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It's funny -- when No Man's Sky came out, I played it for *hours* and *hours* and loved exploring planets and zipping around from place to place. When I reinstalled it some months back, I couldn't figure out how to do anything any more. It's almost impossible to refuel as a noob.

A lot of folks say it got richer and better, but to me it abandoned the clean, beautiful game it started as and became something complex and disappointing.

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The secret to liking black tea us to be exposed to it culturally and drink it occasionally but regularly from about age 12, and then at some point even if you fuck up the brew it still tastes kind of familiar and comforting

@PetraOleum someone already made an account to do the same thing but I'd love to hack out a check your cancellation thing based on the api feed.

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since "flat ui design" became standard i can't tell the difference between progress bars and scroll bars

and it makes me sad

@PetraOleum I was asking for the real time position data every minute for a day. they've really improved the performance from the old janky api

Work has a ticket to implement puppet continuous deployment for enterprise.
It's a kubernetes Trojan horse.
When I mentioned that snr sysadmin was revolted 😆

@PetraOleum @aurynn it's no longer a NIST recommendation to rotate passwords.
However enterprise gonna enterprise.

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