Idea: stripped down version of the metlink app that is just stop number - > Real Time info, and which is actually fast

Half inclined to make a flask app or something for it

I have been looking into this and I was going to start playing around over the holidays.
Wanna work on it together?


@PetraOleum i think based on snooping with browser developer tools metlink is api driven. So all we need is frontend code to call metlink's api.

@PetraOleum well I think it must be mid development because the new site is only on and the new api stuff doesn't really work.
I did manage to get a token and added a note on the thread.

@pearofdoom I've been playing with a proof of concept using the "secret" api mentioned in the first post of that thread, which works ok

@pearofdoom well it's midnight, but:

I will have to redo the css for mobile though, but that can be tomorrow's problem

@pearofdoom Thanks! I haven't tested it in the field yet though

@PetraOleum @pearofdoom /me looking at his own Python code....
I've seen worse!

@PetraOleum @Firesphere
I'm hoping to see in the data that congestion in town makes the whole network delayed.
I'm also wanting to try anomaly detection to find drivers that get lost.

@pearofdoom @PetraOleum yes, the Metlink site looked API driven when I looked at doing something like this a few years ago. (I ended up just book marking the URLs for the stops I cared about onto my home screen instead. Then later switched to 100% WFH.)

From memory when I asked about getting a feed or timetable information they basically just suggested calling the API/scraping the webpages. So reversing enough of the API and calling it from JS is probably the most direct solution.

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