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Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Don't forget our ✨ amazing ✨ moderator team, too!


Really appreciate the help & support, it keeps the instance going. Have a great day everyone!

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I got prometheus and grafana to make charts of my mini pc homelab

Done with work. Now going to deploy pizza to my face

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Medium has really improved features for writing blogs on their platform. It’s too bad then that reading posts on Medium still doesn’t feel like reading a blog. It feels like reading advertisements.

Hopefully all this code gets ripped out this year.
Work needs better health checks than pingdom alerts.

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Okay now functional tests pass. I had to issue a certificate to the web environment in order to pass a health check so the app sends an email to generate a service desk ticket.

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Working on broken code for three weeks.
Finally got to manual functional testing and I just keep hitting unexpected environment configuration. Even between test runs. I'm going mad.

Running the branch in the test environment confirmed my suspicion.

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The bug was subtle
Each server has a base.pp class
Only one server has nagios on it with a nagios.pp class
The pull request removed all use of the export syntax @@
Most of the changes were in nagios.pp which is fine.
However removing @@ from the nagios_file resource in base.pp meant puppet tried to create nagios config files in the whole fleet.

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I caught a bug in a code review today!
Puppet code is weird.
The Exported resources syntax is weirder
Even the maintainers don't love it.

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Just to put this into perspective:

The average value of a Bitcoin transaction is currently $119 and requires energy worth roughly $100 (the world average price is $0.14 per kWh).


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instance block recommendation

- instance "implemented to help preserve freedom of speech in the United States of America" :freezePeach:

- admin is called MakeAmericaFreeAgain

- admin boosts advocacy for racial segregation

- replyguy popped at me unsolicited to defend the white supremacist uprising in the U.S.


More PHP unit testing at work today.
Taking over a dusty module of the main monorepo. Boy none of those actually ensures that it functions. Like 30 tests and it totally does nothing :catto:

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elon "libertarian until it comes to government subsidies" musk

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I'm considering installing Hercules OS to an old iMac over the xmas break.
Maybe I'll write some COBOL

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Periodic reminder that institutions like Disney have stolen far more actual earnings - though plagiarization, withheld payments, abusive contracts, etc. - from creators than online pirates ever will. Never mind their theft from the public domain.

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How on earth does the aws CLI segfault it's a python programme calling an API for fucks sake

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I played exactly one pickup tabletop game at a game store, ever

a guy got mad at me for using NSEW directions on a map in a fantasy setting because “they’d have different names for it” so I scribbled some shit and handed him a map that had the directions:

South (pronounced “sooth”)

he gave me the world’s dirtiest look and 5 minutes later when I described something as being “about ten bmiles morth by morthsqueast of here” he left the table and walked out of the shop

I never saw him again

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