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On the other hand, Twidere exists and even though it appears to be unmaintained it continues to work as long as neither Twitter nor Android change too much. Might be worth a go, if only push notifications worked as well too.

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Sigh, just went on the birdsite again and even being anywhere near uspol right now is like the opposite of what seems good for me now. Why do I keep doing this?

Oh right because Twitter DMs are actually a surprisingly good medium for communicating with certain internet acquaintances.

Sigh. Almost like I should have a write-only client for that.

Actually, this thinking out loud brings up an interesting point—much of where development platforms are moving today is to help making things more rapidly, going towards higher and higher levels of abstraction. Not like it hasn't been that way ever since computing came about, but for some reason when you are actually amidst it you notice it a lot more.

This feels like it should be a blog post, not a toot thread (I'm not a fan of them either), so I'll cut it here though.

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Of course that also means additional responsibilities and that much of your code will be dedicated to layering over the nitty-gritty of the platform, but I can't say it's not enjoyable.

Though it seems that Google doesn't want you to work in a low level way like that, what with Jetpack and all the auxiliary libraries that help you forget about the fact that there's a lot of SQLite stuff going on under the hood. I suppose it's good if you're in a hurry, but I feel that I'm not.

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Also I'm working on a native Android app, and after having worked in the web for so long, though I can't yet tell whether it's subjectively better, it's definitely different but not in a bad way.

Now I understand Marco Arment's shifted stance after having worked on Tumblr and then went to iOS. The web has its advantages but with native it feels like you're much more in control of things, if that makes sense.

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cw uspol 

Y'know what's fun? Having your phone bitrot away its disk encryption key and then not unlocking because sysui decides that the passcode is correct but can't unlock the encryption key and failing miserably.

How's your morning been going?

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