The format specification is a bit loose but when has that stopped anyone.

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@jomo if only it worked as well as the official clients all the time :) I've gotten my token limited at least twice because Twidere just never can emulate the official client quite perfectly enough and it decides that my behaviour looks like abuse for some reason

YandereDev is basically the real life embodiment of Caden Cotard.

Audacity is a real powerhouse of an audio editor. Though it might not look the part.

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Github Pages is down, and with it goes a chunk of my reading queue. It's the S3 outage of yore all over again.

Stages of Denial while Learning K:

Array languages encourage a different sort of thinking (like FP does to typically-imperative programmers), so now I have K2 Manual in my reading queue. We'll see how this goes :D

So I can't get gstreamer to work properly from the command line and ffmpeg doesn't seem to support Smooth Streaming (not the DASH kind, the older Microsoft one) ingest.

Meanwhile VLC saves the day :) As goofy as VLM is, it can really come in handy in very particular scenarios.

@call_me_johny well, not like FB is entirely homogenous and must use the same tech everywhere, perhaps using the Basecamp app model (which this sounds like, though I haven't yet read the article) worked better for them in the context of what the app needs

KSP has a pretty nice discount on GOG and is also now the reason I'm still up at 4am.

No regrets.

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