Stages of Denial while Learning K:

Array languages encourage a different sort of thinking (like FP does to typically-imperative programmers), so now I have K2 Manual in my reading queue. We'll see how this goes :D

So I can't get gstreamer to work properly from the command line and ffmpeg doesn't seem to support Smooth Streaming (not the DASH kind, the older Microsoft one) ingest.

Meanwhile VLC saves the day :) As goofy as VLM is, it can really come in handy in very particular scenarios.

@call_me_johny well, not like FB is entirely homogenous and must use the same tech everywhere, perhaps using the Basecamp app model (which this sounds like, though I haven't yet read the article) worked better for them in the context of what the app needs

KSP has a pretty nice discount on GOG and is also now the reason I'm still up at 4am.

No regrets.

After obtaining Roboto the situation has become much more tenable.

Still weird how it could have happened in the first place though.

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Okay, apparently the fault is partially on Gitlab though i'm not sure why sans-serif is being skipped there

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Yes, those digits are emoji. No, my font chain includes perfectly normal Arabic numerals and I have no idea why they aren't being used in this particular context.

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Some part of Firefox's text rendering appears to have broken in the most interesting of ways

@jomo well, not like macOS itself doesn't occasionally become weird, that's like, its thing

@jomo That's a standard macOS warning which appears when (as seems obvious) you're saving a document via an app that supports version control (File > Revert To...) but on a filesystem that doesn't, or an external drive which isn't covered by Time Machine.

No idea why might you not have gotten it before though—perhaps Preview has started supporting versioning where it didn't before? I've been getting it from TextEdit for forever.

Watching different xscreensavers on my multiple monitors is increasingly becoming my primary pastime.

@call_me_johny if I understand you right, perhaps this would be an improvement:

.then(res => {
if (res) {
return insert(res)
.then(() => log DB update)
}).catch(e => log e)

Promise chains can't really be "stopped" per se, but they can be split up like this.

With Node in particular it's important to not leak any exceptions/errors as they will invariably make your program stop, so you should just handle them as well as you can. :)

@call_me_johny Or, uh, actually you don't seem to be able to prevent exits whenever an exception isn't handled, the best you can do is log some stuff but Node will exit anyway, so I suppose you're left with trying to catch your promise rejections deliberately?

@call_me_johny Node exits with error code 1 whenever an exception is not caught.

If you don't want it to exit, either handle the exception yourself, or add an event listener for uncaughtException on process: ; probably also worth looking into unhandledRejection

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