As I'm building a custom solution for file storage I encountered a problem with the kernel in my RockPro64 that prevents Minio from working correctly.

As I was thinking about the pain of having to fix it I tought: Ok, makes sense to get a raspberry pi, because it's cheap, but if I'm going to spend $100 why not buy a mini pc and not having to bother with all of this arm stuff? 🧐

We'll see how it goes.

If you really want to help Firefox succeed, file a bug on when you find a broken website. Don't just switch back to Chrome; let Mozilla know there's a problem so they can try to fix it.

When browsers lose market share, they fall into the "compatibility death spiral." Sites don't bother to test, they break, and users flee to the browser that "just works." Mozilla is fighting this battle every day, and it just got harder.

Yesterday I spent 4 hours losing my mind on pdf.js not working, today after 10 minutes of googling I found the answer

Just found out how to stop webpack-dev-server from burning through all of my laptop's battery, by making my cpu usage go from 40% to 5% usage.

How are you Mac people dealing with adaptors?

I bought a USB-C to SD Card + USB 3.0 + HDMI adaptor for my Thinkpad and for some reason it detects my 64 GB thumb drive only half the time, and only if the sd card is also plugged in, while it works fine with my 16 GB usb stick and with my 1 TB hard drive.

So strange...

I don't know what internet connection the rest of the world has, but it would be pretty useful if most websites just didn't suck at resumable uploads or didn't support it altogether.

@alan Thanks for the answer.

Yeah, it's really sad to see how things are here, I worked as a freelancer this summer and the experience was enlightening.

I also plan to go to university, but I'm a bit preoccupied about how the courses are going to be, since they have to support all of these people at the level they are coming out of school.

It would suck having to leave the country but I fear that might be the only plausible solution.

It wasn't for real, so nobody saw it!
How my school is failing at teaching programming.

I'm working on my blog and getting ready to finally publish a new post after a long time and wow.
Why waste time and resources managing a database when you can deploy an update in 21 seconds?

I haven't seen many episodes of Cops, but this video seems funnier than everything else...

Uploading files on the web is ridiculous 

It's really interesting going back a few years in a Telegram group and see all messages that lead somebody to pursue something, and it's also funny because you read all of the unrelated messages everybody else left.

@signaleleven Interesting... I saw a few talks about stapling and I thought it was getting checked by every major browser. That's probably why they didn't do a demo of it 🤔

@Otuk thanks for sharing your experience. Personally I use seafile but I don't like it, it's too resource hungry, it doesn't retry failed requests (since I like using it from the browser) and it uses a cache for thumbnails, so if open a folder after a few months it takes minutes to load...
Sometimes I feel like these self-hosted alternatives aren't that good simply because if I had to self host something like Nextcloud, Gitlab, a password manager ecc. I would end up spending too much on hardware or VPSs

@Otuk Am I the only one that everytime I try Nextcloud the application starts screaming of php, even on their demo page, and I immediately feel like I'm using a toy?

@jrss I went trought something similar when I was learning git, and failed two times in the past when I tried Hugo. One of the hardest thing I encountered when using static site generators is that it's hard to find an example for something out of the preconceived way of doing it, like having a list of posts in the homepage, but having the posts themselves live in a sub folder like /blog/, so it makes sense that it's a bit confusing initially.

@jrss If you want something a bit simpler when it comes to deploying your site I suggest moving to Gitlab so you can use Gitlab Pages, which is better than Github Pages since it's not limited to Jekyll.

Gitlab also has the advantage that trought a feature called "Web IDE" you have an editor and git client running in the browser.

If you use github I suggest using a client, for example the official one, and never modifying your files using the web ui, expecially if you are using github.

@zoecarver Depends if we are supposed to copy it. Screenshots are far better for readability.

A friend just contacted me that he tried to open my website in Firefox and he gave him and OCSP stapling error. I remembered that I had "Must Staple" enabled in my let's encrypt ssl certificate but I forgot to enable stapling in nginx. Why didn't Chrome notify me? 🧐

It was finally time to try Mastodon, I feel a bit late to the game, since a few people I follow on the bird site who tried it in the past already have left. Will see in the next few days what happens.

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