It wasn't for real, so nobody saw it!
How my school is failing at teaching programming.

@paolo answering to your blog post I would say it's rather normal for schools to focus on basic stuff and make you learn the ABC.

I'm self taught as well, but I'm likely to enroll to the university next year or so to deepen my knowledge in the field.

Moreover we're talking about Italy where programmers are seen more as blue collar workers than anything else. You'll see what I mean in a couple of years 😉

@alan Thanks for the answer.

Yeah, it's really sad to see how things are here, I worked as a freelancer this summer and the experience was enlightening.

I also plan to go to university, but I'm a bit preoccupied about how the courses are going to be, since they have to support all of these people at the level they are coming out of school.

It would suck having to leave the country but I fear that might be the only plausible solution.

@paolo don't think that abroad the bar would be set much higher, I have direct experiences. The difference is in the perception of programmers, but corporate development is mostly the same everywhere for instance.

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