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This is the pic I plan to send as a reply to the mansplainers.

TFW you have to sit through a meeting that should’ve been an email.


NYC! We’re starting 2019 strong and are excited to partner with Indeed's Job Squad and LatinX in Tech IRG to bring you an evening packed with talks to help you land your next job. It’s happening Tuesday, Feb 19th at 6pm RSVP 👉


Hot chocolate in Paris for my birthday: ✅


Curtis and I were denied at the door of a night club, presumably for being olds. 😂

Ended up at an awesome speakeasy in Le Marais that’s playing great music. Not the least bit apologetic for my age.

As soon as I heard about the all women speaker lineup at UIKonf, my first thought was “can’t wait to see the backlash from men.” 🙄

My response to them:

These photos are wonderful. Especially seeing women of color. Never forget we’ve been doing this work for a long time. 👩‍💻


In 1967, an operations manager at Bell Labs in Oakland brought his camera into work and captured a day in the life of the company. The workplace is noticeably filled with women, typical of an era when coding was viewed as women’s work.


Excuse me, wtf is a snow squall?!
😭 I hate winter...


The Staff Council met with this afternoon and it was nerve-wracking. BUT! The company committed to 👏 paying 👏 out 👏 earned 👏 paid 👏 time 👏 off!!!!! 👏


Why are people disabling their retweets? 🧐 I thought we liked retweets. When did we stop liking retweets, and why did no one tell me?

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