Again, strength training is my love, but adding cardio after (20 mins moderate intensity) has actually been helping me with weight loss goals where lifting alone wasn’t.

On off days, or when I can’t lift bc of back issues, I do 10 mins of HIIT followed by 20 mins moderate.

Google is getting rid of Inbox after I forced myself to get used to it. 😑
Real cute...

The theme of my life lately has been: Be bold!

Enjoying this lewk 💄👸🏻

I got to contribute to this very cool app for product recommendations. I think it’s going to be huge. I’ve already gotten some great ideas from using it.

Go download it and be the best gift giver this holiday season

RT "If you thought $1.5 billion was the final sticker price for New York, you’d be wrong. The total is more like $3 billion, considering everything in the package.”


Anyone read Michelle’s book yet?

It’s a shame that none of my friends are doing Friendsgiving.
My family doesn’t do Turkey day, but I love me a food holiday.

Electrical work being done in the building, so currently no wifi. I don’t know what to do with myself.

You ever feel like you “inherited” the worst personality traits from your parents? The same stuff you bitch to your therapist about as an adult, but now inflict on other people in your life?


I messed up my back pretty badly. To the point where it’s hurting even while lying down and not moving. Yikes.

Happy Sunday! About to try pizza with a cauliflower crust. 🍕😋

RT It's official: Florida secretary of state orders recounts in U.S. Senate, governor races. —AP


RT hey i have a cool idea

lets stop talking "diversity and inclusion"
mkay? we can check those boxes off. buzzwords we dont need.

now lets start with giving 'diverse' people positions of *actual power* who can advocate for the other ones you got in the door to check those boxes


The most recent episode of The Romanoffs has such beautiful Mexican history juxtaposed with all its modern beauty. Makes me really want to visit.

In a similar vein, I still love this song, and I’ll still play SWV all the time. R&B boy/girl groups were some of my fave in the 90s. Moar of this, pls! 🙏🏻

What ever happened to En Vogue? They were so glamorous and fierce and soulful at the same time.

Excuse me, what?! He faked his death and is making a comeback after we all mourned his ass. 🤨

I’m not mad JuanGa, I’m just disappointed...

RT This feeling....

Is this....what it's like to have a high-profile politician you can relate to?

Is this what older folks talk about all the time?'s good.


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