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Dino 0.1 is released! 🎉

Dino is a secure and open-source application for decentralized messaging. It uses the XMPP (“Jabber”) protocol and is interoperable with other XMPP clients and servers. We aim to provide an intuitive, clean and modern user interface.

Release blog post:

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To go on sale in the US this month: Lenovo ThinkPad P laptops with Ubuntu.

Dell may be the best-known Linux laptop vendor right now, but Lenovo is looking to muscle in on the pre-installed Linux machine market.

Shipping Linux on high-end, premium machines like these is indicative of one thing: demand.

Lenovo is clearly hearing from its customers, from businesses, and from developers that they want LINUX out of the box.

#Lenovo #Thinkpad #Ubuntu #Linux #business

Fresh fruits of pressure on Sony.
Zeiss and Sigma were allowed to release FE autofocus 40mm f/2 lenses for Sony E-mount

Canon EOS RP
26 MP Full-Frame
Silent, 5 FPS, $1,299!
World's Best Mirrorless Camera 😀

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Free Pickup for the Fediverse in Los Angeles: Apple //e Platinum

Sony forced to move in the right (for the buyer) direction

Now (just wait a bit for price dropping) it is the best aps-c mirrorless on the market by features/price ratio.

- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

Will be able to shot with this small beauty camera soon :)
Was bargain priced at ebay at $50.

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