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To go on sale in the US this month: Lenovo ThinkPad P laptops with Ubuntu.

Dell may be the best-known Linux laptop vendor right now, but Lenovo is looking to muscle in on the pre-installed Linux machine market.

Shipping Linux on high-end, premium machines like these is indicative of one thing: demand.

Lenovo is clearly hearing from its customers, from businesses, and from developers that they want LINUX out of the box.

#Lenovo #Thinkpad #Ubuntu #Linux #business

Fresh fruits of pressure on Sony.
Zeiss and Sigma were allowed to release FE autofocus 40mm f/2 lenses for Sony E-mount

Canon EOS RP
26 MP Full-Frame
Silent, 5 FPS, $1,299!
World's Best Mirrorless Camera 😀

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Free Pickup for the Fediverse in Los Angeles: Apple //e Platinum

Sony forced to move in the right (for the buyer) direction

Now (just wait a bit for price dropping) it is the best aps-c mirrorless on the market by features/price ratio.

- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

Will be able to shot with this small beauty camera soon :)
Was bargain priced at ebay at $50.

style exposure management in compact size! Is it the best fixed lens rangefinder film camera?
Olympus 35SP

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Focus means "do less", not concentrate-sooperdooper-hard.

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