As a fan of Tantacrul's channel, he came across as a guy with decent vibes on politics and tech. What's happening to Audacity under Muse Group isn't all on him but it's quite galling honestly

@padraic_padraic yeah, on one hand i'm like "you read adorno, wtf" but then, isn't he the UI guy or something? he's a very publicly visible individual, but that aside, what is he supposed to do?

@padraic_padraic I think he also took like a PR role after the data sending debacle (I think?) but if the company won't consult you before they do anything, "oh, it's just the same privacy policy we have everywhere, it's no biggie", what are you supposed to do except, you know, just quit

@trickster Yeah 100%. I suppose committing the fallacy of leaving the blame at the feet of the most visible guy (and yeah, fandom / parasociality gets tangled up too). But the silence still kind of jars tbh

@padraic_padraic for sure, it is a bit weird, especially seeing he has a platform, and he's not using any of it, outside of the rare "we're hiring a C++ dev", my man, come on

@trickster @padraic_padraic I don't mean to be the devils advocate, but sometimes, people just need a break. He could very well be fully against what's happening, but not saying anything because he could very well just be too overwhelmed and needs some time to himself to rest up or think about something else before digging too deep into the cesspool of a situation he's in.


@Lofenyy @trickster Yeah 100% fair. I would hate to look at his hellsite mentions right about now

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@padraic_padraic @Lofenyy just checked and he did post this

which reminds me, as a somewhat public person, his contract might have a non-disparagement clause so he might be very very careful about this stuff, lmao

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