Y'all, I'm on a business trip in Houston. this is my first time in the city, so I figured I'd get the "authentic Houston experience" by not driving at all and walking the half mile radius around my hotel. It's so dismal it makes me giddy. Come along with me, won't you?

@realmaxkeeble @padraic_padraic

This thread perfectly explains a lot of my not-great experience living by myself in a town in New York State for a month last year.

For context, I am ridiculously spoilt; I’ve lived in London my whole life, I don’t even _have_ a driving license.

I did a months work experience, staying in a suburban area next to a state highway and a strip mall, commuting on weird private shuttles I had to walk 20 minutes to the station to get.


@realmaxkeeble It was miserable. I dreaded going to the shops as I was frequently the only one on foot, walking on many streets with no pavement, crossing 5 lane monstrosity roads.

I tried to go and visit some nearby green spaces and parks but gave up because I didn’t feel comfortable jaywalking on the verge of 50mph roads.

@realmaxkeeble Hostile is a great word for it. This was an affluent area I was staying in but it felt like... a place you holed up in, only ever leaving or arriving in a car.

Residents would even drive to the train station despite it being a 10 minute (actually quite pleasant for a change) walk away.

@padraic_padraic I really appreciate this perspective; it took me a long time to question it as someone born in and around this

It took studying abroad in Europe for a semester for me to realize

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