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Refreshed my personal site. It’s now much simpler and, thanks to only having my headshot on the about page, the typical load went from ~200kb to less than 10!

Now I just need to write more :blobcat:

With Framework, System 76 and Star Labs I like this growing list of small laptop producers I'm mentally tracking.

Inspired by a bug from code review today, please enjoy this utterly cursed :python: expression:

if True is ('mystr' in list_of_strings):

Idk who these lab6 folks are but shout outs to them for provoking some discussions.

Random observation: This splatoon credits song could be by Christine & The Queens

So what's going on in the FOSS ebook space? Am I really stuck between Kindle and Kobu?

> Data is tagged by month
> Used in a dashboard where the time range is filtered to that exact month
> Remove the tag filter, nothing changes


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Analysts please stop tagging your time series data with timestamp information like hour, day, month challenge

Just upgraded my debian-based distro rather than did a clean install and it... worked??

Ah, an English loss yet again spares me from having to properly articulate my feelings on identity, nicely done lads :smugdance:

Might fuck around and apply for a job with Canonical in Ljubljana

Someone asked me the other day if I'm supporting England in the Euros.

Buddy, I hope you're ready for me to awkwardly explain for 5 minutes how I feel about this

Hoo boy that Disco Elysium huh. That sure is a video game.

Working at a bitbucket shop means learning enough go to patch the terraform provider just to be able to fork a repo :blep:

have to migrate our domain to a new registrar and DNS host this week, wish me luck gang.

As a fan of Tantacrul's channel, he came across as a guy with decent vibes on politics and tech. What's happening to Audacity under Muse Group isn't all on him but it's quite galling honestly

Cackling at this blog post on time series data from hacker news that includes Figure 1-1 from Chapter 1 of Database Internals

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