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Refreshed my personal site. It’s now much simpler and, thanks to only having my headshot on the about page, the typical load went from ~200kb to less than 10!

Now I just need to write more :blobcat:

Went to get my tyre repaired yesterday and still thinking about all the burly garage workers who were listening to Sk8r Boi by Avril Lavigne

Incredible expat vibes of whenever I have to call support or something in the UK I'm just unreasonably chatty.

Remember netbooks? Remember when we thought the internet would allow us to get away with smaller, underpowered devices with tiny storage? What fools we were.

Made a lil' pipeline for the Flask Extension I maintain that uses tox, reno and github actions to automatically generate notes with reno, create a release, and upload assets to twine and gh whenever a semver tag is pushed. Neat!

If you have ever used a YAML anchor, don't. Please.

Started reading the documentation for Bitbucket pipelines, then I spotted this in the sidebar and started getting extremely nervous:

Anyone have recommendations on adding a Code of Conduct to a public repo? It doesn't get a lot of traffic this project but it's a matter of principle

Anyway, restic is cool, think I'll work on using it to backup our container volumes at work too.

I discovered I had some isues and needed to run fsck, ironically because trying to back-up my data borked my hard-drive and put it in ro mode :scremcat:

Danny L Harle is the official music of No Thoughts Head Empty

Solidarity with striking workers and teleworkers in Belgium today ✊

La solidarité fait la force / solidariteit maakt macht

I could take my inhaler. Or I could keep eating cookies and fuel myself off the mild sugar boost when I finish each one :gatopensa:

Fairphone impressions:

+ Lord he big
+ Any reviewer who described performance as "slow" needs a timeout
+ Recycled plastic feels quite nice
+ Removable battery and headphone slot :blobsnuggle:

And finally... God it really is quite large, is this just what phones are like now?

(Their prices and repairability are what since pushed me back off)

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I don’t use a lot of apps but I also don’t know if I can face random breakages and compatibility problems again. This was kind of why I went to iOS.

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Boy is android opaque. Do I really need to go down the road of Lineage/MicroG to keep google at bay? Or is just not signining in ever and using say rooted stock with F-Droid/Aurora enough?

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