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Refreshed my personal site. It’s now much simpler and, thanks to only having my headshot on the about page, the typical load went from ~200kb to less than 10!

Now I just need to write more :blobcat:

Huh, wow, turns out LSPs are kind of good actually.

No thoughts head empty glider - full length version only

You'd think, 14 years later, I'd have learnt to reign in the part of my brain that gets white hot and shaky when making an argument I feel passionately about.

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Is Flake8 still the go-to Python linter? About to deploy like 50 pipelines and just want to check there's not something more hip I should know about

Finally getting some default tests in place for our platform. Next step is to write the pipeline config and soon enough we'll eliminate whole classes of bugs.

Gently brushing biscuit crumbs off my baby's head.

Reading about the passkey standard and notably absent from any of the coverage of what the hell this will look like of you're not Apple, Google or Microsoft. Is this even implementable without recourse to a smartphone?

I've a fairphone 3 so this should all be very easy on a software level at least!

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Following the Android Messages revelations, I'm making a little to-do list as I prep to move to Lineage + microG:
* Check app compatability
* Setup Radicale for Cal and Card DAV
* Backup partially-compatible apps with ADB
* Backup all my photos

Step 2 will be the only fiddly one because I'm gonna go shave some Yaks :smugcat:

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Making my mantra for the rest of the year "Leave ye departed shades, I license thee to return to thy proper place and be there peace between us"

I'd toot about the French elections but I share a lot of empathy with the vote blanc crowd. Also Le Pen va te faire foutre.

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Maybe I shouldn't expect joy from my API clients. Who could say

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Weird take maybe but I find OpenAPI generated clients utterly joyless to work with

London Jazz sounds like the city at its best. Just that vibe of... being in it. When you can forget about shit governments and expensive rent and too many wankers at every event. Just a city being a city.

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Inside of you are two wolves. One wants to be online more, embrace technology, become a cybernetic superperson. The other wants to go offline and live in the woods.

You are a programmer

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