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Refreshed my personal site. It’s now much simpler and, thanks to only having my headshot on the about page, the typical load went from ~200kb to less than 10!

Now I just need to write more :blobcat:

I had an idea for a really good toot in the shower and I totally forgot it so this is what you get

Late night single glass of red wine who's with me

Thinking about all the 🐛 slithering in the light of the moon

I remember getting a free OnLive console from a press event at Eurogamer Expo 2011. I sold it a couple of years later on ebay but almost made a loss because I underestimated the shipping.

Anyway, best of luck to google.

Last night had that kinda... earthy smell in the air that let's you know it's not winter anymore

Remember kids, always look at the assembly to make sure the compiler hasn't optimised away your clever benchmark!

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Hey Mastodon, I'm a physicist by training, with plenty of programing experience, and I'm going to be looking for jobs soon.

If anyone knows of organisations, initiaitves or anything else aiming to tackle problems in renewable energy and climate change where I could chip in, please let me know!

Boosts heartily encouraged :blobcat:

You're fucking kidding me that the CERN Web@30 Anniversary event is going to be streamed on.... Facebook Live????

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Well I only got 3 hours of sleep last night but on the plus side I had a great insight into a piece of code I was struggling with so I guess it balances out?

Woken up by the sound of wind bashing against my flat.

Remembering when I used to be scared of the wind and night and my mum just told me to imagine all the places the wind had been.


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google earth ain't shit..real life is where I'm living babyyyy

I went through an intense chiptune phase around age 15 (I still have a copy of LSDJ on an GBC flash cart somewhere...), but this song is still my all time favourite.

Imagine my shock when I found out Surasshu is part of the musical team for Steven Universe these days!

I don't listen to radiohead anywhere near as much as I used to, but it's time for my annual observation that The King of Limbs is a great spring album

I spent a whole day running around in mathematical circles and now I get to do it again tomorrow.

Putting together a playlist of all the songs that fuck me all the way up when it’s late and I’m in my own head.

Would be nice to have that kind of weaponised mood ready to deploy on myself

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