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Refreshed my personal site. It’s now much simpler and, thanks to only having my headshot on the about page, the typical load went from ~200kb to less than 10!

Now I just need to write more :blobcat:

EU citizens, please support this initiative to pressure the EU on waiving patent rights and improving access to COVID treatments and vaccines!

Reading about car insurance offers and this one website has like 3 or 4 mentions about pine martens getting into your car and eating the wires...

Is Belgium okay?

Loving this trend of every few months, SQLite write a blogpost about how cool they are and then it ends up on the top page of "hacker" "news"

Couldn't tell if the noise I was hearing was the train motor or the ambient album I'm listening to

10/10 would listen again

Belgium has this thing where learner drivers are allowed and indeed expected to drive unsupervised for a period of three months before they take their test.

I start today :meow:

Ah shite I accidentally signed up for a webinar with my personal email :cringingcat:

I adore this new Masto UI for audio posts of just a spectrogram-halo around the profile picture. It's incredibly goofy but I love it so much

Should probably close that tab that says "Current Job Opportunities" while I'm at work :aaaaa:

work moan 

Every time someone at work says “Wow, you have a lot of work at the moment” it makes me actively work less

Two of my colleagues have created an unholy mess in Notion that takes a full minute to load and become responsive on my work laptop.


Starting a podcast with some mates this week where we relisten to classic 00s indie and try to place it in a bit of nostalgic and historic context.

At the very least it'll be a good excuse to listen to some classics and shoot the shit for an hour

AWS S3 Transfer: $0.3 an hour
Small EC2 plus Pyftpdlib plus S3FS: $0.02 an hour


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