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@samathy A decent client should be able to filter those out afaik.

I did some coding without eslint and prettier... I am definitely dependant on them for finding a majority of my dumbass mistakes.

@nynhex Oh man! I can't handle less than 8!

@g Where are you having trouble? Or is this more of a general question?

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Last night I had yet another conversation with web devs about why it's not a good thing for "everyone to just use Chrome". This morning I wake up & see yet another Chrome-only site. I really think we have a problem. Pls let's try to fix this together, for the sake of the web ❤️

@snype Fair. Birds do it the same way... Leaving the nest behind 'n everything.

I was on .social, and didn't realise you could reach across to other nodes. So I also migrated, but, I think .tech is probably the most suitable for me, so it's all good.

@nynhex I would love to get back to FreeBSD. I'm unfortunately building iOS application in React Native. Maybe I can virtualise OS X or something... Controversial!

@snype hey, I didn't know it was possible to migrate. Totally new here myself. Welcome!?

I'm not exactly sure how this works, but here I am...

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