Child sexual abuse is a real and growing danger.

📈 More than 2 million children are being affected every year.

This week, we have proposed new rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse online⬇️



@EU_Commission this project is so wrong in so many levels that I don't even know where to begin. This opens a terrible precedent, to say the least. Where do we draw the line? What are the other illegal activities that will justify undermining fundamental rights of individuals?
I am so disappointed, for me the EU Commission was a beacon of hope in these dark times. This project tells me otherwise. The scariest part: the lawmakers most certainly know this better than me

@p10 @EU_Commission When it comes to the internet, EU can't decide themself if want to send beacons of hope or beacons of hopless.

@miklo @EU_Commission this is worrying, right? Do you see some pattern or tendency? I don't have much experience with EU legislation history regarding the internet, so no matter this project passes or not (let's hope not), the long term unfoldings of such attacks on individual rights are worth a significant amount of attention from EU citizens in general, I would say.

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