What if there was a place to register verified and suggested account migrations? Good idea or bad idea? @StevenSaus thoughts? NewAppWhoDis - Purchase or Nah

Fediverse has this as part of the protocol, but curious about an on-ramp for Twitter, Instagram, etc

New to Mastodon and want to find your contacts in bulk?

commotionmade.com v0.3.0 now has styling and a no results component

It took me a while to get into “The Ministry for the Future”, but now I’m hooked

I searched 830 Twitter handles and found 305 Mastodon profiles. A lot of duplicates and abandoned accounts. Search took 27 minutes to be nice to the Mastodon search API.

I've got the most basic app working for finding Twitter handles on Mastodon. Next up - deploy it somewhere... .

I couldn't find a bulk search and follow tool, to migrate my following list over to their Mastodon accounts in the , so I started hacking on one.

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