Joining mastodon is a great time to establish new habits and a new information diet.

**However** - if there is someone only on Twitter that you really want in your feed, you can "bring them over" via

Just search for replacing someusername with the person you want to bring over.

For me, I have a private News List that is made up of journalists, which I will recreate over here as well.

Warning: will import a lot of old content from each user, so your timeline will be filled up with old content.

Also, nothing will happen immediately after you follow, so be patient.

@ozten that's really cool. Although "Instance saturation: 702%" 😜

@mossop @ozten aye, bookmaked @ozten 's toot to come back to later and try again once the server's had a chance to regain its composure.

But I can be patient. I wholly appreciate these services are offered for free without any ads or data harvesting "price".

@wiredfire @mossop If the issue is seeing updates in your feed, it took a while but they started showing up.

I will reply to myself with a warning as well... it loads old posts so your feed will get blown out for a bit 😅

@ozten aaaah it's suffering a fediverse hug of death right now 😅

@wiredfire @ozten

So that’s why I can’t find

@Jeff @ozten seems like it. The site itself is sort of working but I think Mastodon's search is timing out before can respond

@ozten Trying this out! I have a couple of people I'd love to keep up with.

@ozten this is actually very cool. Thanks for the tip!


I’ve bookmarked this to boost later when the site starts working again 😀


So everyone knows, this instance is not production and the owner will probably shut it down with the sustained load.

Check out their readme on the GitHub

@Jeff thanks for the heads up! It is a very cool experiment

@ozten @Jeff thanks also! Back to seeing if I can find a viable route to keep a track of a few Twitter users via RSS then!

@Jeff @ozten yeah, not working for me currently either. To bad, as the concept is awesome.

@ozten Now this is interesting. Will check it out. Thank you.

@ozten oh this sounds perfect. I have a few friends nervous to make the jump to a new app

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