What if there was a place to register verified and suggested account migrations? Good idea or bad idea? @StevenSaus thoughts? NewAppWhoDis - Purchase or Nah

Fediverse has this as part of the protocol, but curious about an on-ramp for Twitter, Instagram, etc

@ozten @Gargron
It's intriguing to me - something like rel=me would be simple, extendable, and via federation, ultimately searchable, sorta, once you got an initial entry point.

@ozten @Gargron Because at that point, you can extend that further and further outward. Bookwyrm, PeerTube, GPG keys, et cetera. And if that chain "breaks", then that can be a cue for the parsing mechanism to stop and discount that chain.

Er, example:

@StevenSaus @Gargron the problem I see with real=“me” is that on most platforms, folks can author a link, but cannot author attributes. And any link they mint is real=“nofollow” due to spam

@ozten @Gargron Well, sure, but I'm saying that even a tooted link - as long as all the links point to each other - would work as proof of "all these are one entity". Example illus attached

@StevenSaus @Gargron This is very helpful to me. I hadn’t thought about the transitive nature.

@ozten I have so many "identities" on the web at this point that I do wish there was a standard place to list them all. Keybase was trying to do this but then went off the deep-crypto-end. I'd rather something that did nothing but this.

@jrconlin @ozten sure but it needs to be some kind of pseudo standard at least that anyone can make use of.

@mossop @ozten

Yeah, there were a few proposed standards that basically never went anywhere.

OpenID and maybe WebFinger are the more well-known, but even those are fairly spotty for all sorts of reasons.

<Insert appropriate XKCD Standards comic here...>

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