New to Mastodon and want to find your contacts in bulk? v0.3.0 now has styling and a no results component

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@ozten Is there a way to make sure it finds us? My twitter handle is different than my Mastodon one.

@StevenSaus That is frustrating! Currently, no it can’t. All of the ways to improve the situation will require some more work. A simple solution is to either put your link into your Twitter bio or to Tweet a link. Sorry! Open for ideas!

@ozten Is it just parsing usernames, or other fields in the profile, such as a URL or the text of the profile description field?

@StevenSaus Absolutely, with work and hosting one can improve username search. A challenge is there are so many fuzzy matches compared to exact matches. Just with exact matches, I’ve found friends with as much as 6 previously created instances

@ozten Right, but I'm asking/requesting that if I put a link to my birdsite in my profile, can your (very cool, BTW) program pick that up and use that data? It'd require a deliberate act on my part to *want* to be found, which is more in line with how fedi tends to run.

@ozten I'm really gregarious about who I follow and all that, but I know some folks very much want to craft new networks here without having to hide themselves, y'know?

@StevenSaus Yes, just a small matter of programming and hosting costs ;) I left Twitter as a “statement”, so my initial instincts were to not link back, but your solution is the clearest.

@StevenSaus if there was a centralized service where you could register that you’ve migrated would be cool. The Fediverse already has a protocol between Mastodon instances, but something to record identify mapping anywhere

@ozten That doesn't necessarily have to be centralized, just *federated*, right?

@Gargron Would this be something possible? Maybe a federated version of the finger protocol or something like that?

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