I couldn't find a bulk search and follow tool, to migrate my following list over to their Mastodon accounts in the , so I started hacking on one.

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@ozten Dude I was at work all day thinking about writing this! Or something that scrapes your old twitter feed looking for mastodon-looking names in posts.

@ozten I swear there used to be one linked on joinmastodon.com like 4 years ago.

@mowdownjoe I found a Mastodon bridge app, but I think it was shutdown as it may have violated Twitter API policies

@ozten I had started a headless-browser based Twitter scrapper some time back, but it was mostly for pictures, and not far enough along to be useful now. Maybe I need to spend more time on it, but I am not sure how much trouble the app would be in if it got popular.

@ozten Hello, Austin. Your name seems familiar. Did you once give a talk at Open Source Bridge? About Mozilla's Persona maybe?

@ozten Well, it's good to see you around here. I remember enjoying the talk and being excited about Persona afterwards.

@cstanhope Great to hear from you! I hope to get to PDX for another OpenSource bridge. Hope you are having fun hacking on hardware projects.

@ozten colour me intrigued! So is this essentially looking for fediverse users with the same handle, or is there a link in some fashion users must add to be "found"? Either way I hope you keep us informed of progress! 😃

@wiredfire Yes, it just looks for fediverse users with the same handle. It uses Mastodon search API limited to usernames currently.

@ozten I'll look forward to this being open to test! 😃

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