What if websites and apps were labeled with nutritional data stating how much dopamine per hour or how many gamification PHDs are employed at the company.

Short stories of hard problems putting IPFS in strange places

slides from a talk I gave at ParisP2P yesterday about IPFS in...

IPFS Companion
Space comms

More playing around with my homemade macro rig. The final image is a focus stacked composite of 120 images.

This is common weed that grows around here. I do not know its name.

#macro #weed #3Dprinting

Wow, Dustin Getz presents some amazing UI framework research

UIs are streaming DAGs

Deep voice fakes fears - maybe the ubiquity of faking celebrity will error celebrity and overall, this will be good. I grew up in an age where a particular star was worshiped, but as more people gain a voice, it is about the mashup and the intention.

#fediverse alive servers stats

alive servers: 7,574 (-23)
max: 7,597
total users: 4,576,326 (-1,165)
max: 4,577,491

top ten (soft users servers):

:mastodon: 3,238,309 3,405
:diaspora: 669,230 23
:peertube: 270,343 1,083
:pleroma: 90,396 1,059
:pixelfed: 73,789 195
:writefreely: 59,377 402
:lemmy: 33,120 58
:birdsitelive: 31,669 32
:misskey: 21,388 237
:plume: 17,192 51


So everyone knows, this instance is not production and the owner will probably shut it down with the sustained load.

Check out their readme on the GitHub


Warning: birdsite.live will import a lot of old content from each user, so your timeline will be filled up with old content.

Also, nothing will happen immediately after you follow, so be patient.

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Joining mastodon is a great time to establish new habits and a new information diet.

**However** - if there is someone only on Twitter that you really want in your feed, you can "bring them over" via birdsite.live.

Just search for @someusername@beta.birdsite.live replacing someusername with the person you want to bring over.

For me, I have a private News List that is made up of journalists, which I will recreate over here as well.

What if there was a place to register verified and suggested account migrations? Good idea or bad idea? @StevenSaus thoughts? NewAppWhoDis - Purchase or Nah

Fediverse has this as part of the protocol, but curious about an on-ramp for Twitter, Instagram, etc

My old TAZ 4 3D printer made all the parts to convert itself back and forth between a 3D printer and a macro photo studio. The print bed moves the camera for focus stacking. The subject is an immature rose bud of the 1795 Gallica rose, La Belle Sultane. The purpose of the sticky resin glands on stalks carpeting the surface of the rosebud is unknown, but it probably has something to do with protection from insects.
#macro #rose #3Dprinting

Okay, having got a reply from my DM... it is also problematic that it shows up in my normal feed. I want it to only be available via the Direct messages UI.

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Hello everyone!
I'm just entering this network so learning its ins and outs and to adapt.
I am a digital artist, graphic designer by profession, cryptoartist since 2019.
I love art and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I love social networks but with the new news and possible changes that may be in Twitter I prefer to know a new territory, with oxygen and less centralized.
I hope they give me the possibility to meet new people and find friends.

New to Mastodon and want to find your contacts in bulk?

commotionmade.com v0.3.0 now has styling and a no results component

Seems like something is funky with Zoom right now, desktop app keeps signing me out. But their status page is all green.


The issue isn't reading DMs, it is sending DMs. Instead of populating the normal widget, I want a full page refresh and to be in my DM UI. I see the notice above the Toot entry, but I just don't trust it.

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