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I feel like its a blessing and a curse to be developing a fediverse project alone.

I'm very fortunate to have the audience I have, not many projects have this, but it can get tough.

I feel so alone sometimes, my partner doesn't get why I feel so proud sometimes, because I solved a problem or made a small improvement.

None of my family and few friends have made an effort to join Pixelfed, it makes me appreciate the fediverse even more.

Thank you ❤️


Thank you for supporting the world and not just corporate interests. Pixelfed is a treasure and has empowered people from all over the world and given them a welcoming platform to share their creativity without fear that they're some monetization scheme somewhere.

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Did you know you can follow PeerTube channels, accounts and pages through RSS?

1. Go to the account, channel or page you want to subscribe to on PeerTube

2. Click on the "subscribe" button on the page you want

3. Select "RSS"

4. Alternatively, click on the RSS logo and select the format you want (RSS, atom, json).

#PeerTubeTips #FediTips #PeerTube #Fediverse #RSS

covid omicron 

@drwho I drove passed a house today that had a huge sign in their pickup truck parked at the street telling everyone to wake up, that Trump won, that Biden stole the election and that he's causing the pandemic... these people are just insane. Only hope I have in humanity at this point is in Dwarinism.

@stux If there was no damage by bump the launch? Only things I read were some accident happened and they bumped the launch. Nothing even indicating something broke or not really.

@aral I personally enjoy using someone else's services, because when it's down, then I can blame others for me not doing work. But yes, those are definitely better than Microsoft owned Github.

@LinuxLounge Please do! I'm always looking for more good Peertube stuff!

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Maybe I'll do a PeerTube channel spotlight for channels I enjoy, might be a good way to promote PeerTube ^ ^

@stux you're the best of us. Thank you so much. I understand all of the hard work that goes into even a fraction of this, so all of this is amazing and the fact you allow anyone to use it is incredible.

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The #Fediverse is so very amazing :fediverse:​❤️ That's why I run a whole bunch of different services, something for everyone!

The things I host are:

Matrix + Synapse
And much more!

I don't expect anything in return ofc❤️ :cat_hug_triangle:​ However if you would like to support me in paying the bills for all this, any help is very much appreciated :cat_hug_triangle:


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Everspace 2 - Khaït Nebula: Stranger Skies #06 - The last exploration #Linux @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com @everspace_game@twitter.com @rockfishgames@twitter.com @AntlionAudio@twitter.com #twitch mongoverein.dyndns.org/twitch.

@stux I can. This much:

@stux I disagree! It isn't harmless at all! it's adorable! That gives it power! What if it uses it's adorableness to enslave humanity? he must find them all AND ... hug them to make them feel loved!

@deadlinux Just remember, you're getting paid the same, regardless of how much stress you put on yourself.

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"Creating a new Github Action in one picture"

submitted by Venkos11

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Here we are!
🎉✌️ #Mobilizon v2 has just been released ✌️🎉

We hope you 'll be able to free your events & groups from the clutches of Facebook 😉

Read about a year of improvements from your feedback here :


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HexDSL's Stream has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Hex and pals do nothing useful

#streaming #Linux #English

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