One of my collages..

@twitter thanks reading the book.
May be I can also keep the versions of my collages too. Sometimes it is hard to figured it out which of my photos I used in collage. This one has two and also some overlays and effects added.

@twitter in general, specifically, what ever, I would like to learn. I'm a programmer too, but don't know about opensource projects a lot

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I set GitLab CI up to build and tag Docker images to its built-in registry and this setup rules

from where I can read and learn about Github, other than its help? any tips?

Nowadays everybody has own rules and erases who does not obeys. So at the end welcome to rule-less world

I don't know how to use Github, I think I opened an account a while ago

'toot' s voice like 'tut' in Turkish which means hold, keep, grip..

I guess posting one post is limited to 500..

I like to solve puzzles :) Figured out how to post and how to follow people around :)

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