not a fan of brave for a lot of reasons, but their search engine seems very promising. i'm getting way less stackoverflow / github clones or other parasitic websites in my results, which has been an issue in the past weeks for me.

imagine using the official youtube app instead of newpipe

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#YAML ist eine wirklich schΓΆne Sprache, aber ein paar "Features" sind etwas seltsam...

"The Norway Problem" #python

it's funny how my experience with linux ended up reaching the same conclusion i have with tech in general: pick the stuff that will last forever, disregard bleeding edge whenever possible.

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finally done with my migration doc for debian, can't wait to move away from rolling release distros for 2022 πŸ₯³

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what password manager do you use?

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t'imagines tu voyages de 20 secondes dans le temps et tu te retrouves connement dans le vide de glacial de l'espace et tu vois la Terre au loin qui s'Γ©loigne Γ  toute vitesse

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while you were partying, I was studying the Blade II DVD

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The Password Requirements Guessing Game 🀬 :blob_disapproval: 

Website: Please enter a password.

Me: Enters passphrase.

Website: Error! Password cannot exceed 16 characters.

Me: Enters 16 randomly generated alphanumeric characters.

Website: Error! Password must contain at least one capital letter, one number, and one special character!

Me: 0mfgFuck0ff!1#%@ 😀

Website: Thanks for signing up! 😏

i really want to like tusky, but it fails to refresh the timeline for hours or even days at a time 🧐 switching to pinafore i guess

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reading the myth of sisyphus. i'm not that well versed in philosophy so my grasp is still limited, yet it is already destroying me and rebuilding me at the same time.

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