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My name is Otuk and this sentence contains two hundred twenty-six characters in total: sixty-four vowels, one hundred seventeen consonants, thirty-four spaces, six commas, three dashes, one colon, and at the very end a period.

After many many years I may start having technical interviews, oh god, please send feel free to ask me your favorite interview questions on C++ / python / java or data science (use the private messages if you prefer, I promise to seriously respond to them only via private messages )

As an older dude, if I have one recommendation to younger folks, it is this, no matter what you do in life, do not live for the Friday/Weekend. You have to enjoy every little sip of that Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday early night.... enjoy what you are doing, learn to enjoy what you are doing, I will purposefully not say "do what you enjoy" because we will always have a time in life that we will need to do other things. As long as you are doing it, enjoy what you are doing.

It is great to see 5 Juno released, but the only thing I wanted from my OS was to be able to run emacs in UI mode on , does it work on Juno? Anyone knows? Because emacs with UI notoriously was only available as emacs24-lucid on the Loki, no newer version worked, neither emacs25 nor emacs26 in my experience ( fingers were pointed to a emacs-gtk bug). Has this changed?

what is the next number in the series? 1 3 5 7 8 10 12 14 17 19 21 23 ... Show more

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> If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet

this is just a pointless rant on coding languages Show more

Any recommended books on webassembly? For c++ or rust or python into webassembly kind of setup?

Morning musings; The question is not if we will be replaced by super humans. It is when/if the sapiens DNA will find a better protection for itself to spread and continue to exist. If super humans or augmented humans can offer that higher level protection, the jump will happen, and if we are on the way of the DNA ' s maximal spread we will be replaced by these new beings as the dominant species.

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"they" invented a font that makes readers retain more information compared to other fonts (allegedly).

The font is called sans forgetica 😊

By now everyone knows Google+ is shutting down and why. But unlike Facebook for technical groups it was useful, where do we go from there? What are the popular, if possible non-centralized, functioning alternatives?

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You say "tOple", I say "tOOple",
tOOple, tOple
Let's call the whole thing off.

♬ ... ♪ ... ♫ ... ♬

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Another BRIC country is about to go towards a more conservative, more traditional/nationalist regime after the Brazilian elections. The labor leader who was imprisoned for corruption charges had to drop off the presidential race!

The picture is similar around the world, incompetent leftist leaders corroded the populations trust after many years, and people now are looking towards rightist as if they will ever make things better for the public.

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Here's an interesting new dev board: an ESP32-based camera module:

For now it only reads QR codes, but the readme mentions that they plan to port the whole firmware, which would bring a lot of very interesting features (including my favorite AprilTags).

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Voy a aplicar esta forma de comunicarme:

Last night, the linux bug was active in me. You gotta try . maybe even another distro who knows if will stay around past ... It was similar to what people think after breaking up; "maybe I should change my hair, need to go back to the gym everyday!".

At the end I had convince my self that already has i3w plus capabilities and elementaryos is just fine and instead downloaded icons and theme, changed the desktop as a compromise and got it over with 😛

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