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Otacon @otacon@mastodon.technology

I just realized I've spent the last week building a system to monitor my Minecraft factory using a display attached to an ESP32. This is what I have decided to do with my free time. On that note, project updates coming Soon™!


My latest article is live! I cover the basics of troubleshooting as I've experienced them and gone into detail on how it applies in the real world.

Finally got my first blog entry live! Here's my article on how I created a live ping test monitoring script mostly from scratch: omnigon.network/blog/2018-04-2

I just discovered today that Windows 10 somehow does not allow you to mount an FTP address as a drive letter. I am eternally baffled at some of these basic features that have not yet made it into a paid operating system owned by a $700+ billion company.


(curse my mid-western accent - first post and I managed to spell the name of the community wrong)

Just joined Mastadon today and figured I would say hello! Looking forward to keeping regular updates on some of my tech projects here and to joining a new community! 😀