TIL about git submodules thanks to playing with Hugo static site generator. Pretty cool!

JavaScript can do one... Are there any concise, up-to-date resources for the language out there?

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I hate the frontend of the project I'm working on. A cludge of an in-house JS framework, MVC Razor and Knockout.js. Kill me, I don't even do frontend development well and working with this makes my head hurt.

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Just bought this Retro Game Development C64 Edition book. Always wanted to create a C64 game that wasn't in BASIC. Makes me happy people are still producing content for retro hardware.
A good companion for my new C64 Mini perhaps 👍


Got Manjaro running on my Dell XPS13. Impressed so far despite a few quirks I had to work around... Makes for a much better Python dev environment.

Next job is to dual boot my laptop with a Linux distro, need Windows for Visual Studio... Thinking Manjaro might be the distro for me.

Finally bought myself a domain to host my personal projects on, setup a FastMail account and a Digital Ocean droplet... Procrastinated about all this for years, feels good now I've done it!

Morning all. I'm developing a serverless API at the moment using AWS Lambda. I need to make a frontend for it, nothing fancy, just for CRUD operations. I want to host the frontend in a S3 bucket. Any framework recommendations to achieve this?

Haven't done any work on my PyPi project and instead I'm putting together an API using DynamoDB and Lambda... I really need to finish a project before starting a new one!

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@osvaldo @mi Amaroq looks like good alternative for now. It is open source unlike Tootdon!

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It sends OAuth tokens to their server, collecting your public toots in theirs, collecting toots boosted by theirs, and collected toots will be searchable in their app even you already deleted the toot.

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First day of getting my code in to a state to publish to PyPi. I mainly had problems trying to install the black package with pipenv - had to log an issue on GitHub. At least I've got my project structure sorted and will revert to using autopep8 until black is working...

This week I am determined to publish my first package in to PyPi. Something really niche, a reader for Amiga WHDLoad slaves. I already have to core code, just need to make a nice interface, write some basic docs and other stuff I'm probably not aware of yet.

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