The hardest problem in computer science is figuring out what features are available in which version of Python.

Designed and machined some two-part clamps to grip the ends of 3/4” nylon webbing, for an upgrade to a small telescope. Kind of overkill. But, they’ll work well and they needed to be the same width as the strap, which rules out most other methods.

I deleted
the emails
that were in
my inbox

some lame petitions
to stop
school shootings

Forgive me
that is so useless
and wastes
precious time

Trying to remember the German word for when someone mistakenly signs up for some mailing list using _your_ gmail address but it turns out to be a mildly interesting mailing list so you never actually unsubscribe.

Inkscape 1.2 is available! Learn more about this major release and get the download link at Don’t forget to spread the news to friends and share gratitude to the supporters and contributors who have made this powerful software available to all. Draw Freely! :inkscape: 💓

They're here! Finally these component fidget rings are for sale on my shop. Limited quantity! Enjoy and thanks for your support 💚💌💍

Just moved here from another server. Social network growing pains, yo.

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