Is #Fedora Linux a Good Distro? The 15 Best Reasons to Use Fedora Linux

Fedora Linux is one of the best Linux distributions that is exceptional by comparing with others distributions thus, you may use it for many reasons.

Försök förklara för en afroamerikan, eller egentligen vem som helst bosatt utanför Sverige, att här i Sverige hoppas antirasister och "antifascister" på att döms till ett kännbart fängelsestraff. De som försvarar honom är mestadels "rasister".

Germany has banned its #schools from using cloud-based productivity suites from Microsoft, Google, and Apple, because the companies weren't meeting the country's #privacy requirements.

Some of my previous styles, completely differnet from today:

(swype left or right to see them).

Today: only tiling windows.

Me: You can borrow my computer

My friend (Windows 10 user): It doesn't work, just some numbers and shit on the screen.

😎 🤭 😂

Is it still active today and does it have riced i3 version?

Europe is truly a one of a kind and there is nothing like it. May Europe stand the test of time.

Realized tiling windows in Gnome sucks!!

What to do now?

Install KDE-Plasma with decent windows tiling scipt...

I find i3gapps or maybe Awesome to be best for former mouse driven graphical interface users (like me).

Other than that, dynamic tiling windows is a must for any users of computer work and shame it took me so long time to find it out.

My mobile phone has 4 GB more RAM than my computer workstation 🤔

Fedy lets you install multimedia codecs and additional software that Fedora doesn't want to ship, like mp3 support, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java etc., and much more with just a few clicks.


First time I tried i3 and its perfect for workflow and even leisure. A bit hard for grandma or Microsoft emigrants at first. But really my new choice of dynamic tilling windows manager or any WM at all for that matter LOVE IT!.

How did they program the Apollo mission computers: Machine code, assembler or soem sort of NASA magnetic wire code?


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