We are proud to announce the immediate availability of #Solus 4 #Fortitude, a new major release of the Solus operating system. Check it out at getsol.us/2019/03/17/solus-4-r

K-pop is good with Netrunner, crisp images and videos on a budget 27 inch monitor. Will try it out for a while for sure!! But I have 3 USB with Fedora spins just in case 😂

Virtualbox for Fedora is in RPMfusion-free, no need to compile and stuff anymore. But have to run dnf update aftwards to get newer version (not 6 thou). :fedora:

Regarding my post before about the Fedora respin link: It is Gnome with Dash to panel extension and paper icons + a blue wallpaper. Looks a little bit like Windows 😛

Why is Firewalld with Fedora such a pain in the ass. Is it only catering for IT Pros? Took me serveral weeks to figure it out byself to open and keep permanent ports for Flash (dont ask me why 😎 )and Plex Media Server.

Extremely easy & simple design of DE, but took me the longest time to make. Its also the most beautiful I have made, I think!? 😎

Crackling noise in cheap desktop speakers on Fedora after version 28, is due to power saving stuff for laptops (I think). I get it all the time on my old Intel desktop. But there is an easy fix: change from "1" to "0" with Vim or Geany or whatever /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save

Its not fedora 30, its Rawhide. The real Fedora 30 is only in pre-beta. But link in my recent posts somewhere for fedora 30. 🤭

Amazing how much #Debian #Linux has fallen in the #Distrowatch rankings o'er the last coupla yrs vs #Ubuntu and its derivatives 😑.
Now the #systemd -free #Debian-based Linux distros #MXLinux and #AntiX Linux have caught up and are even surpassing the above.
MXLinux at #1 and AntiX at #8 (and rising!)

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