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I’m adding the Xcode project to (for macOS, iOS, and tvOS). It will allow people to integrate MastodonKit.framework into their workspaces without having to use CocoaPods.

So yesterday I decided to watch Blade Runner for the very first time. The movie is beautiful; the photography, colors, everything is perfect but the story... "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" is an amazing book and all the elements that make it great aren't on the movie.

Xcoders, you can Command+Click the "{" that opens a closure to fold it. This is extremely useful when writing tests with several nested describes and contexts :-)

Finally got Solarized Light working on macOS terminal and VIM (on terminal) as it meant to work.

At work since 6:30 am this morning. No meetings, no noise. All I have is coffee and my code. So good.

I used to go to this Pizza Place every Friday night. One of the things I miss from my Bay Area life.

Writing a new that will throw a violation when an optional collection is detected. In most cases it's better to return an empty collection than nil.

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