Activists’ phones targeted by one of the world’s most advanced spyware apps
"Mobile phones of two prominent human rights activists were repeatedly targeted with Pegasus, the highly advanced spyware made by Israel-based NSO, researchers from Amnesty International reported this week."

In Pictures: Hong Kong's Lion Rock 'final resting place' for Lady Liberty democracy statue
"The statue depicts a female protester in a gas mask, protective goggles and helmet, an umbrella in one hand and a black flag in the other, proclaiming the protest slogan 'Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times.'"

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A Stellar Jewel Box: Open Cluster NGC 290

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble; Acknowledgement: E. Olzewski (U. Arizona) #APoD

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Image description: a robed figure with a scythe looks over a precipice at blue-shadowed, crumbling architecture and statuary.

Image description: A young girl with green eyes and dark blue hair stares with curiosity at a multicolored fairy standing on her nose. A blue and purple butterfly flies by her ear.

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Yesterday I saw a wild fox sit by the door of a car, just like a dog waiting for a treat.

Evidently some tourists are feeding foxes, but... are they also training them, or is this behavior innate?

@BarkMarnett do wolves also beg this way?

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If you play games on Steam, I highly recommend manually backing up your save date, even if you have cloud sync. I've completely lost save files in the past, including save files from games that use cloud sync.

Since the location of save files varies by game and can be hard to find sometimes, I recommend using a site called They have information about most games, including the location of a game's save file. It's a very useful website.

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