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career in C++ programming you said?

more like a career as a priest for mad gods.

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Spare a thought today for the government employee who has to handle every false invocation of “health & safety” and who is clearly all out of fucks to give

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J.J. Thomson won the Nobel in Physics in 1906 when he showed electrons were particles.

His son G. P. Thomson won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1937 for showing that electrons are waves.


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Od Vojtěcha Rataje na FB, kdybyste se o svátcích nudili. 😁

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Clever algorithm to find out whether or not 2 words are anagrams

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When you are feeling bad about your code, just remember that in the source code for "Rogue", there are macros to redefine switch keywords. ✨


Coding "Rogue" in the 1980s must have been a truly rogue-like experience.

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2004 / 65.1 KB
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone ~Act 2 Remix~
Yamaha XG

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US political trivia: A candidate *could* win just 11 counties and still win the presidency. Map by @AriB83@twitter.com: buff.ly/3oSxyQi

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There may be similar tools out there and I'm probably late to this but I love the "HTML End Tag Labels" VS Code extension. These little cues it adds after HTML element closing tags are so helpful. Definitely beats noting them manually with comments

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Thread: A New York Story --On Sunday, I was walking in West Chelsea, and I saw what looked like a gaggle of paparazzi outside a brownstone. 1/8

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On Christmas Day in 1904, two reporters from The Seattle Star dressed as "hoboes" and went to the homes of the city's richest families. The next day, they published in the paper each family's name and how they were treated.

(The Seattle Star, December 26, 1904)

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