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Someone hasn't been wasting their time during lockdown. 👍🏆🏅

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the main problem with web apps is that it just isnt a real program is it. doesnt have proper buttons with a 3D look to them. and you can select all the text??? takes ages to load. doesnt end in ".exe"
lots of problems with web apps

the biggest problem with making a video game in javascript is that it isn't a proper game

you can tell if youve made a proper game if your game is in ELF or COM format and requires either no other files to run, or a bunch of inscrutable files called DATA1.DAT, DATA2.DAT etc. probably WAD is okay. but if your game has a bunch of folders with assets in them that anyone can edit? im sorry while it might be a proper game its not as proper as the games detailed above. i dont make the rules

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«Love emails but hate people? Don’t want someone at your party but have to invite them? Trust STRAIGHT2SPAM to send your very important email straight to their spam folder» Straight2Spam.com

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Please stop using `border: 1px solid red` to debug CSS, use outline. Border will eventually bite you in the ass because border modifies the layout, outline does not. You can end up fixing your layout with border on, only to have it reappear with border off. Always use outline.

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"Folders" is a programming language where programs are encoded as hierarchies of folders in the Windows operating system.


I admire the kind of demented mania that can come up with gems like this!

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In Jan 2020 GNU Make got support for multiple outputs:

foo.hi foo.o &: foo.hs
ghc -c foo.hs

That is a single rule which builds foo.hi and foo.o. See gnu.org/software/make/manual/m

HT github.com/safinaskar

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Approving opinions are warmly welcome, though.

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“If my tweet does not end with a question mark, it is because my tweet does not contain an invitation for you to share your countervailing opinion.”

—@izs@twitter.com, sorta, maybe, somewhat along those lines.

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Remember when you draw an octopus, you generally won’t draw all 8 tentacles, so the octopus can hold something behind her back (e.g. a tiny flag)

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Ultimátní kompas české politické scény od kolegů z ANO, budou memes.

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That's ok, I'm from the old school who believe that if you'e using sissy constructs like classes or immutability, you are a fancy-pants poseur, not a RealProgrammer™️.

So all those Rubyists sneering at HTML can GET IN THE SEA. twitter.com/hankchizljaw/statu

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Windows 7 when it sees you put in the USB stick named WIN10_UPGRD and want to restart

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📌 SWEDEN TOPS THE WORLD now in daily deaths per capita. Just in case that wasn’t clear before. Here is the matching graph from FT.

➡️The much talked about “Swedish approach” has now led to the worst country death outcome to date. twitter.com/drericding/status/

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