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“If the sun rises in the west, are you king of England?”

Yes. Or no. Both are correct, because F => F and F => T.

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Indeed. It’s a weird kind of objectification. “Follow these people because they identify as female”. No other reason given, our accomplishments and personality reduced to our gender so that people can feel better about their quota. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. twitter.com/stubbornella/statu

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Za mne:

Math.mod(): 👍
DisplayNames: 👍
String Dedent: 👎
ostatní: meh

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ECMAScript excitement 😉

TC39 has advanced these proposals.

💡Resizable ArrayBuffers➡️2
💡Error Cause➡️1
💡Double-Ended Iterator & Destructuring➡️1
💡Intl.DisplayNames V2➡️1
💡Intl Locale Info➡️1
💡Modulus & Additional Integer Math➡️1
💡Standardized Debug➡️1
💡String Dedent➡️1

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@rickhholland@twitter.com Use machine gun Kelly as an example. His scheme worked out well, at least until after it was done. Then they all got busted. It’s a fascinating read though. fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/m

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“Fancy IDEs are lubricants for high-friction languages. If a language is already low-friction, there won't be much benefit to be gained from an IDE, as even a plain text editor will already get you near to optimal productivity in said language.”


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Možná víte o existenci tzv. "EICAR test file", standardizovaného souboru pro testování antivirových programů.

Věděli jste ale, že je to zároveň spustitelný a sebe-modifikující printable-ASCII-only COM program?


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I’ve become a plugin and extensibility skeptic. It’s so difficult to get right (*). Esp. as consumer of software, I prefer a “batteries included” approach.

Positive example: Filters in Pandoc, which turn it into an easily extensible typesetting tool.

(*) stackoverflow.com/questions/28

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dLX youtu.be/9T3zCsyx98g via @YouTube@twitter.com We're excited to unveil our newest design, the dLX, pronounced d-Lex as in lexicon. These are 60-sided alphabet dice with letters weighted by their frequency of usage. This makes them better for forming words than single-letter dice.

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Yup. I had to reverse-engineer what it meant. Though that's a long time ago, so I'm used to it now. twitter.com/dan_abramov/status

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V Google Docs jde dvojklikem na číslo v seznamu upravit její styl, včetně změny čísla.
A co revolučního pro váš život jste se dnes naučili vy? 🤯

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