nitpicky, cullinary equipment 

Dear equipment manufacturers:

Don't do this. Don't make me guess what unit system this is. Depending on which unit system, I am either undercooking my food (Kelvin), cooking it correctly (Fahrenheit), burning the house down(Celsius), or freezing it solid (Rankine).

selfie EC, boosts OK 

My hair is properly floofy now and my goodness I'm cute!


Decided to put on a nice dress ... because I like wearing nice dresses.

selfie EC 

TFW you're cute.

Also just realized it's been a full 3 months and 2 days since I started my estradiol. And I've been cute the entire time.

selfie EC 

Just did a preliminary snipping of my hair, and OMG am I cute!

selfie EC 

I should attach a very cute selfie for reference

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selfie EC 

I was washing my hands and I saw myself in the mirror and I just looked SO CUTE and QUEER and somebody should hug me already.

selfie EC 

No way on Earth I'm getting through :transgender_flag: visibility day without posting at least one selfie. I'm just too cute!

And so is that little breadboard 6502 system! (I'm still figuring the layout, so no wires yet.)

selfie EC 

Still alive, still cute, still wish I could hug someone without infecting them.

selfie EC 

Update: it turns out COVID-19 does NOT affect cuteness.

So there's some good news.

selfie, ec 

Hi. I'm Emmeryn. I'm cute and lonely.

selfie, ec 

Hi. My name is Emmeryn and I'm CUTE!

Selfie EC, boosts++ 

New lipstick and new selfie technique!

selfie, boosts++ 

So I'm back in the habit of doing my makeup, and I actually feel cute again.

Also, apparently my self esteem is tied to how much stuff I have on my face just like a cis girl :)


In case you forgot, I'm cute.

Also, that RISC-V book is so cuddly?

selfie, boosts OK 

TIL I'm cute with or without makeup.


Have a selfie of me with my breadboards containing a rough chip layout for my in-progress circuits. That 555 is SO CUTE! btw.


Ya girl got some new nail polish colors!

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