Ok, that's it, I'm reaching my limit on time since my last attempt to write an operating system. Since x86 is extremely not a beginner's instruction set, ARM? (I'd go for RISC-V, but I don't have any hardware that could run an OS.)

First problem to solve: emulating the Pinebook Pro. I know QEMU has the CPU down, but I'm not sure about all of its I/O.

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@octet33 ARM can be a good idea (as long as you don't have to deal with Nintendo reinventing the interrupt disable/enable and privilege mode bits in the bloody cspr), though setting up caching and the mmu through the cp15 etc. may be tricky. though it's nowhere near as bad as with x86

wrt the hardware: i found this: wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine

but idk how it's glued together to the cpu. mmio? pci or sth living somewhere? it's a mystery afaict. (time to look at a kernel device tree i guess)

though another interesting platform might be the GCN and Wii, it's PPC (slightly crazy but not too bad), the hardware is well-known and not very complicated compared to a laptop (the worst part is the usb stack), etc.

(though on the wii you first have to send magic commands to an i2c device in order to init the video encoder hw, which has to be done before you can display anything, as otherwise it can't even send a properly timed video signal)

(or maybe a dreamcast or ps2 might work as well, if you have one of those instead)

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