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Quick question, what kinda gotchas are there with using Tor that someone living in a nation that just dispensed with all notion of free speech should know?

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tech, about politics, advice 

@octet33 disable JavaScript
No I'm not kidding

tech, about politics, advice 

@octet33 most of the way people got caught are either by them being not careful (eg. talking about what they did or accessing personal accts etc. over both tor and clearnet), browser vulns (which is why you maybe shouldn't use the tor browser, but then you'll have to manually harden a vanilla firefox all by yourself, and this goes much farther than just disabling JS. obfuscate any type of metadata that can be leaked through HTTP headers, any kind of conditional URL fetch from CSS, etc.), and sometimes, timing correlations. also DON'T TRUST EXIT NODES ofc.

secondly, Tor traffic is very recognisable (due to the way it does TLS), so using stuff like obfs4, or maybe a VPN/... as a first-hope thing might be a solution. but then all the caveats with those apply.

I2P might be useful for connecting to other people on the I2P network, but there isn't much interesting to be found afaik. it's also still very recognisable.

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