If you're looking for good individual actions, . .

- Saves a bunch of CO2 (22kg to make a new smartphone v maybe a few grams for shipping)
- Saves money
- You get pretty much the same device anyways
- It tells companies that you care

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When I buy used, I prefer to get something as far as possible from "the same device anyway". I tend to gravitate to stuff that hasn't been manufactured in a generation or more…

@publius Generations-old devices aren't even that different, except when a company has just launched a major design change.

I think you may have mistaken what I meant by "generation". LaserDisc player, Accutron watch, Trimline telephone ― I wasn't even born when some of these things were made, not to speak of kids graduating from high school this year.

@publius Ahh, the good old days, when game systems had coprocessor space in their ROM carts.

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