TIL the Windows XP wallpaper is literally on fire and it's a perfect metaphor for the tech industry right now and also very disconcerting

@octet33 i wasn't able to confirm that via a Google search. There seem to be some news articles from 2017 claiming the hill was on fire, with later articles saying that wasn't actually the case.

@octet33 Do you have a background information/source for this? I would like to share it!
@octet33 So this is not the actual landscape of the windows desktop wallpaper?

@octet33 I'd seen that image circulating at the time of the Tubbs Fire (October 2017), and the specific location is well south of the Kinkaid fire (about 40-50 miles north, generally).

But yes, the "Bliss" landscape did burn, and the rolling hills are now covered in vineyards rather than grass.

@octet33 Gizmode calls "Fake", though my familiarity with the area, and the size of the blazes, suggests it's a reasonably fair cop. There's definitely been fire within the general area, if not the specific hillside in question.

@jkb @octet33 Ce n'est malheureusement pas la bonne colline qui brule

@octet33 Microsoft should have pushed this as the last XP update

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