Quick question.

Does anyone here use Ubuntu touch?

If so, is it any good as a daily driver phone OS? Considering getting a cheapo Nexus 5 or something and installing it.

It was a long time ago, my device is just updating now.

So far its pretty nice. The only thing is there is no generic email client. A few specific webapps,

I would check to see of there is anything you couldn't live without in the open store.

But overall much nicer than last time, fairly quick and responsive. Some really neat gestures. The notification panel is dynamic depending on which icon you pull down over.

And there is some sort of container runtime thing, you can install any application? I have to try it.

@octet33 yep, and it looks pretty nice. Morph browser.

And if you weren't sold already there is a gameboy color emulator in the openstore

@octet33 I saw also a TOTP app and a few keepass compatible password managers. plus there are many open/next cloud apps for sync

@octet33 If I didn't have 20+ 2nd factor codes already set up on my daily device I would be trying it out as well.

The nexus is now my gameboy toy.

@robjloranger Yeah.

In that case I can understand. I'm trying to make these switches before I get too deeply sucked into the megacorporate system.

@octet33 that's a great idea. I wish I did.

Plus I have all these paid streaming apps and junk. Banking etc. I'm in too deep lol

@octet33 I ran it on a nexus 5 like 2 years ago. I could text and call people but nothing else worked. Also very very very buggy

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