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If you're looking for good individual actions, . .

- Saves a bunch of CO2 (22kg to make a new smartphone v maybe a few grams for shipping)
- Saves money
- You get pretty much the same device anyways
- It tells companies that you care

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Anyone got any ideas for how to get Linux adopted, that aren't just victim-blaming Windows users?

Ok, KDE Neon didn't work out.

Fortunately, that other Ubuntu-based mobile arm7 os still exists, courtesy of UBPorts.

(Sidenote, I seem to be a bit of an armv7 fangirl.)

Asking for financial assistance :boost_ok:​ 

" 16.0E Feb 3 03:30 rootfs.img"

Umm, that can't be right, there probably isn't that much mass storage at my entire university, let alone a single cute little Nexus smartphone.

Emmeryn's first law:

Any technical system designed to compensate for ADHD by being annoying, will be defeated or removed within the week.


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TeamWinRecoveryProject (n) the firmware that smartphones WOULD come with, if they were engineered to be fully open to users.

So, I was lamenting the fact that the Galaxy won't run custom operating systems,

and I realized:

I still physically have the Nexus,

and nothing's stopping me from dailying multiple smartphones.

Which leads to only one conclusion:

It's phonebricking time. Now, where did that doomed little Nexus scurry off to?

techie drama 

Just told DHL to ship to one of their offices that's accessible by mass transit, because I don't want to deal with UCSD mail unless I absolutely have to.

Oh god, making my own compiler is its own undertaking. Even retargeting a simple existing one like vbcc appears to be a comparable effort to the rest of designing a custom ISA.

I guess I'll be spending the next week (more like a year, adjusted for ADHD) of personal project writing this thing.

"DHL Express 2393956095 from SYABAS TECHNOLO estimated Mon Jan 20. "

That's always something good to see in your SMS when just waking up.

What's better, I can give them my physical street address (which differs from my USPS mailing address), which is good because the parcel center is probably closed Jan 20.


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Professor: write a 250 word bio on the class site

Also professor: his own bio is 45 words

Quick question,

Anyone know any good C compilers or assemblers easily adapted to fully custom instruction sets?

+ but also -, death mention, strong language 


Designing an 8bit RISC ISA is an exercise in masochism.

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