Is there a MacBook Pro product-paced in the MakeSpace ad I keep getting on Hulu?

I think our economy is broken.

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🌶️ : Im going to stop buying into the industry narrative about ad blockers. They are not ad blockers, they are content blockers. The content I am choosing to control happens to come from advertising networks that have proven to be vectors for malware infections and misbehaviour for years. I'm not blocking ads, I'm not stealing from you, I'm protecting my systems just like I would with an anti-virus program.

I'm thinking of selling my Mac on eBay to get a comparably priced used Thinkpad X1 Yoga/Carbon for better Linux compatibility? Thoughts?

Hypothesis: Udemy uses a time dimension for its sales, perpendicular to the one we use for timekeeping.

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Receipt culture 

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(xpost from birdsite)

I've been thinking of moving to canada, not sure how seriously yet. And OMG international tuition is cheap! As in, less than in-state University of California tutition!

My previous solution was to drag in the Wii U, but I'd rather use the computer with Dolphin. It's less extra hardware and more fun.


I just got Dolphin talking with a Wiimote, but I don't have a nice, compact sensor bar solution.

So guess who gets to play with hardware tomorrow! (I've decided to order some stuff off Amazon, rather than go butchering, since I'd like to start a stock of electronics supplies.)

So, I'm trying KDE, and it's nice having defaults.

Someone needs to shove a tiling WM into a DE...

Oh wait, I'm someone!

So, I just stumbled upon a failing of NixOS:

It's difficult to use a VCS with configuration.nix. So while you can revert to working systems, you can't easily recover the config file from which that system is derived.

New hypothesis, after having to try 3 TIMES to get MacOS installed.

You know how MS Software has flashy features but is utterly terrible?

Apple hardware/firmware is like that.

The OS can boot a recovery environment over WiFi, but can't perform arbitrary SSD repartitioning conveniently.

The OS is SUS-compliant, but won't do Linux binaries.

The hardware has fancy new USBC ports ... that most peripherals don't support.

Ok. As much as I hate Apple, the fact that their computers can boot a recovery environment over the global internet over WiFi is damn impressive.

So, I'm loaning sis an Acer I had lying around.

10 seconds in and I remember why I don't use Windows, when the tray icons take a full minute to come up.

In that time, I could probably INSTALL NixOS.

Alright. I decided to install NixOS less than an hour ago, and I already have nVidia PRIME working.

Also, concurrent installs!

I love this OS!

Quick teensy little massive question.

Anyone had good luck with NixOS? Apparently the Arches are bloated.

My use case includes video games and nVidia Optimus (PRIME, I've had bad luck with Bumblebee.)

"TEA-capable pots that are not provisioned to brew coffee may return
either a status code of 503, indicating temporary unavailability of
coffee, or a code of 418 as defined in the base HTCPCP specification
to denote a more permanent indication that the pot is a teapot."

-RFC 7168

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