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If you're looking for good individual actions, . .

- Saves a bunch of CO2 (22kg to make a new smartphone v maybe a few grams for shipping)
- Saves money
- You get pretty much the same device anyways
- It tells companies that you care

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Anyone got any ideas for how to get Linux adopted, that aren't just victim-blaming Windows users?

P.S. anyone got any good reminder systems?

My phone is OK, but it's unreliable since I have to silence it for class and I rarely remember to unsilence it.

TFW you realize that you forgot something pretty darn important but it's already in the past.

Counterpoint: moving in 3 dimensions with limited acceleration in many axes makes calculus substantially more intuitive.

What's a normal frequency to be texting a new, still somewhat distant friend?

Protip: git won't save you from careless rm''ing if you use a gitignore.

if you don't know how to find your gender, i recommend stochastic gradient descent

So, the S7 Active came. It's scratched as frick, which I take as a good thing, because it means I know it's not used. (Also it's a nice aesthetic.)

It's an ATT edition, but seems carrier-unlocked. It came with a Mint Mobile SIM, and they seem to be cheaper than ConsumerCellular, so I'll have to check them out.

No blinkenlights, but it does have physical home, task switch and back buttons!

Oh, and this thing is definitely running AOSPExtended by midnight.

Ok, anyone know how to get a drivers' license in (USA) college with no parents and zero budget for drivers' ed?

Because most of the student jobs at my college require one for no real reason.

Quick question,

Has anyone run into any major problems removing their parents from a joint account / getting a new one without the parents' information?

Someone needs to come up with an affordable RISC-V equivalent to the ATMega328.

adhd, biology, food 

TFW you draw graphs for proofs class and program for 2D art.

Hey Amazon,

Just because I'm on Qubes,

Doesn't mean I'm a robot!

i can't believe the writers on big bang theory figured this out and then kept doing the show for 8 more seasons anyway

Daily reminder that Kirby is non-binary and Nintendo America is transphobic.

Remember, humans: check your privilege every 3000 miles.

Not everyone has family they can go home to, if they get suspended for stealing capacitors.

Not everyone will be able to pay student loans if they get cut off for flunking a class for stealing capacitors.

Therefore, not everyone is gonna be super comfortable stealing capacitors, even if the value is pretty small.

Ever find yourself in a room, where you respect everyone, but they all need to take 5 seconds to check their frikkin' privilege?

Because that just happened to me.

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