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If you're looking for good individual actions, . .

- Saves a bunch of CO2 (22kg to make a new smartphone v maybe a few grams for shipping)
- Saves money
- You get pretty much the same device anyways
- It tells companies that you care

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Anyone got any ideas for how to get Linux adopted, that aren't just victim-blaming Windows users?

I wanna be a lesbiab... It's so pure and good...

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ADHD/dysphoria-, advice pls 

rocket league is dropping support for macOS and linux in march

they state it's because they want to move to DX11 and therefore can't support other operating systems, but haven't mentioned why they aren't just using vulkan or something

of note: rocket league is still available on and will continue to be updated for the switch and PS4, neither of which support directX


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Allegedly loves Open Source now. So the wants them to release under a FOSS license after support for this release has ended.

Petition at:

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Wuhan virus 

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institutional ableism- 

TFW you're on Twitter, and the stuff people post is so absurd you have to ask if you're in the same reality.

Yall's sky is usually some kinda opalescent blue, right? Gravity points down? Capitalism evil? That sort of thing?

Today in "humans should not be allowed to computer":

Nintendo's NTSC build of Super Mario 64 was compiled without optimizations that were available at the time and used in the PAL build for some reason.

capitalism-, sui mention, advice welcome 


I'm not the only one who jumps 90-110% the distance to their screen upon a cat or other similarly cute cell bundle appearing on it, right?

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