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If you're looking for good individual actions, . .

- Saves a bunch of CO2 (22kg to make a new smartphone v maybe a few grams for shipping)
- Saves money
- You get pretty much the same device anyways
- It tells companies that you care

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Anyone got any ideas for how to get Linux adopted, that aren't just victim-blaming Windows users?

I just used duct tape to repair something, which I think means I'm officially an engineer now.

(Or do I need to get a can of WD-40 and use that to fix something now?)

Sidenote: you can now add Floor Jansen and Tarja Turunen to my list of favorite musicians.

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2020 (N) discovering a zillion musicians and promptly worrying that they'll catch COVID and die.

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A poll on the uprising 

Holy fuck. Newsweek poll: 54% of Americans think it was justified to burn down the Minneapolis police precinct.

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien even my yearly “for people who don’t actually have to do any of these dangerous things (just be around them sometimes)” safety training is 12 hours god

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seattle, politics, current events 

tons of voices echoing the same words, whether protestors or people sitting in their own homes:

the rioters and looters aren't scaring them. the police are.

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Ok, that's it, I'm reaching my limit on time since my last attempt to write an operating system. Since x86 is extremely not a beginner's instruction set, ARM? (I'd go for RISC-V, but I don't have any hardware that could run an OS.)

First problem to solve: emulating the Pinebook Pro. I know QEMU has the CPU down, but I'm not sure about all of its I/O.

nitpicky, cullinary equipment 

Dear equipment manufacturers:

Don't do this. Don't make me guess what unit system this is. Depending on which unit system, I am either undercooking my food (Kelvin), cooking it correctly (Fahrenheit), burning the house down(Celsius), or freezing it solid (Rankine).

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opsec/protest PSA 

Check out Briar if you need a secure way of communicating, it's fully end to end encrypted and can send messages via bluetooth to allow you to continue communicating with nearby people even when there is no internet, for example, if a cell phone jammer is being used.


Me: I need a cat.

Me 10 econds later: oh wait I am a cat *starts stroking arm with hand*


But FR tho, anyone else just randomly start meowing when left alone for long enough?

I am literally a cat.

Ok, so with Zoom being an agent of the military-surveilance complex, can anyone recommend a suitable video conferencing app?

If someone else has a format to recommend - that's accessible on a college student budget - I'll go for that too.

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Ok, someone talk me either into or out of buying a tape player and a bunch of cassettes.

(I'd go for MCD, but I've heard the format is expensive these days.)

music taxonomy, thoughts 

Is it just me, or is metal less of a genre and more of a property of some rock.

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There's no excuse for this inaction. As David Sirota writes, there are ten meaningful actions the Dems could take RIGHT NOW that would yield concrete, significant results, RIGHT NOW, for the people facing out-of-control, armed "peace officers."


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There's an entire binutils, there's a package manager, so where's my C compiler?

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Oh god WHY is the Ubuntu Touch repo so uselessly empty?

There isn't even a C compiler!

Yes I am installing a Rust toolchain on a smartphone, why do you ask?

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