@HerraBRE Interesting. Don't know much about spam-email-fighting, but how much are these techniques used now? If they're not used a lot, is it because it's hard to implement?

@alsternerd 500€ for the same size? That's pretty nice, even if it's colder.

I've got a 40 m² in the outskirts of Oslo for 1000€, although that's with included electricity.

@alsternerd Rent prices around the world fascinates me. How big is the place?

@HerraBRE What? Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticising you, just curious as to how you would PREFER we do it 🙂

Host: "Want something to drink?"
Me: "Yea I'll have some cidr please"
Host: ""

Found this in our codebase today. Apparently, nobody here does shit.

Oh man. Coffee used to make me smart and awake. Now it just makes me twitchy and stupid. Ugh.

Do you know anyone who might know someone in Surat Thani or Phuket who might possibly want to buy a 110cc kawasaki?

It's a fun bike, but too small to drive the remaining 1000km to Kuala Lumpur

@TipsyTentacle@witches.town Where do you store them?

@aldersprig@tootplanet.space I usually paste it somewhere else, just in case. Don't want to get hurt again 😐

Startup concept: Scalable, containerized, microservice-based string concatenation as-a-service.

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