Host: "Want something to drink?"
Me: "Yea I'll have some cidr please"
Host: ""

Found this in our codebase today. Apparently, nobody here does shit.

Oh man. Coffee used to make me smart and awake. Now it just makes me twitchy and stupid. Ugh.

Do you know anyone who might know someone in Surat Thani or Phuket who might possibly want to buy a 110cc kawasaki?

It's a fun bike, but too small to drive the remaining 1000km to Kuala Lumpur

Startup concept: Scalable, containerized, microservice-based string concatenation as-a-service.

Heading to Amsterdam for the conference next week. Anyone up for a beer?

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Just realized that the majority of framework-related code fuckups I have is due to me not thoroughly reading the docs. I wonder how widespread that is.

I find it really amazing that we live in an age where 'AI Trainer' is an actual job title.

Played Project Zomboid yesterday. Found an empty notebook, a pencil and an eraser ingame. Used it to keep inventory.

Strangely satisfying.

Recently discovered Terraform. Turns the mind-numbingly boring task of configuring AWS into something a bit more fun. And automated, which is good.

AWS documentation be like "Follow this guide we linked to, then go to the next page"

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I wish instagram had a share-to-mastodon button

Oh man. It's quite staggering how much more work is needed to deploy to AWS EC2 compared to Heroku.

I've started listening to the "You are not so smart" podcast on my one-hour commute. Really good podcast about how humans are really good at fooling themselves

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The possibilities extend FAR beyond retro gaming, though. Imagine a world where your CPU rebuilt itself to be an application-specific integrated circuit for every program you use. Imagine releasing a game along with code to create the custom-designed chip it runs on. Imagine not needing an operating system, or not waiting for anything. This technology could save us from the tyranny of Moore's Law. I'm very excited indeed.

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