Hey fediverse, what's the best alternative to suggest when a relative wants to use wetransfer? I used to suggest Firefox send, but that's not an option anymore, and the relative isn't technical enough to use wormhole...

The fediverse provides! Thanks for all of the great responses, I have a lot to look into! Over on that centralized platform people were suggesting DropBox and Google Drive in response to the same exact request!

@o0karen0o I find linx instances to be a pretty good alternative. I run one at but there are a bunch of others scattered around

@o0karen0o if you have any synology or nextcloud server, you can share a folder for upload only purpose

@o0karen0o dang, that's a tough one. Would it be feasible to set up some kind of shared folder that they can drop files into?

Theoretically, you could use anything from DropBox to NextCloud, as long as a basic persistent integration is set up with the file manager. I think Windows and macOS have dedicated NextCloud Sync clients that keeps the setup pretty easy?
@o0karen0o Caveat: of course, this requires a server somewhere. 😅

@sean @o0karen0o

Choose File sharing of the #Chatons community:

Like the one from @chapril

Or lufi by @infini

I like the ones where you can decide how long a file stays online. But you do have to keep track of the link where you have uploaded the file as no personal information is asked like your email address with 'you know who'..

@wendy thx for mentioning us :)

@o0karen0o feel free to use we hope you'll enjoy it !

@o0karen0o is an interesting sharing option, receiver need torbrowser to download shared files.

@o0karen0o Have a look at #Retroshare: No practical experience to share, but on paper it looks appropriate:
- Fully decentralized, and designed to provide maximum security and anonymity.
- Retroshare uses swarming similar to BitTorrent, to accelerate transfers.
- Possible to share large files.
- Privacy and anonymity is guaranteed beyond direct friends with anonymous tunnels.

@o0karen0o You can search for public Lufi instances, a Free Software that can also be selfhosted. Here some instances in Europe:

@o0karen0o Did you try any of the Wormhole GUIs? (a web client seems to be in progress and a GTK client is planned, but those probably won't reach end users for years …)

@o0karen0o Maybe the cryptpad drive can be used for such a thing?

@o0karen0o if you have access to a Nextcloud instance you can share a folder as a dropbox. Generates a URL that they can upload to. But even if it gets discovered can't be abused as easily.

Not sure if that matches all your requirements, but it might.

@o0karen0o I really love the approach of for snchronous file sharing, but it's sometimes a gamble whether web torrents work between different browsers.

I like SeaFile. Old-fashioned, maybe, but it works. Like Google Drive, before they started junking up the UI. I use it on my home server to get photos off my phone.

GNU Jami is very easy to install and it can transfer files. it's a nice opportunity to introduce your relative to a freedom-respecting p2p multi-purpose communication program


OnionShare pretty good and easy-ish to use. They just gotta have tor browser and stick a link in to download whatever you sharing.

@o0karen0o Here's another option that has a relatively quick installation process that I didn't see mentioned: Sandstorm ( It's open source and self-hosted.There are a couple of apps that can be similar to sharing a Nextcloud folder. There are some interesting security benefits when using Sandstorm ( Hope that helps!

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