Ugh. I'm so frustrated to be continually asked to participate in talks & panels on Zoom specifically about tech ethics & . There are great systems for this. See @fosdem's successful use of solely FOSS solutions for over 30,000 participants.


I am all for meeting people where they are, but at this point, if you're an expert in these issues enough to be running a conference on these topics and still using Zoom you just aren't trying, and you are comfortable broadcasting that you don't really care.

We undermine our own advocacy by not leading by example when we can. @mako's seminal essay makes the great point at we cannot allow ourselves to be at the whim of the companies whose tooling we do not control.
By ceding control to proprietary platforms, we set ourselves up for failure when they inevitably fall down or ask for more.

@o0karen0o What you're describing goes for so much tech. It's kind of frustrating.

I feel your pain @o0karen0o
Also today I had to participate to more events on Zoom and Teams that could have easily been Jitsi or BigBlueButton based events.

It's even more annoying for the fact that I host several Jitsi/BBB instances and I sometimes offer them for free to avoid having to use the others but... "The users are familiar with mainstream platforms" 🤦‍♂️

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