@o0karen0o @RealSexyCyborg Does this count as "a medium customarily used for software interchange"?

@o0karen0o @RealSexyCyborg Well, a RAR archive on a sketchy file transfer website is closer to "a medium customarily used for software interchange" than "show up to our office across the world in person with a USB drive". community.umidigi.com/forum.ph

@o0karen0o @RealSexyCyborg

…made my day 👏 😆 – can't wait to see the rest of the video!

@o0karen0o Naomi Wu got the code!

<mandarin>"Because I can't tell them that we are not GPL compliant, we Chinese are not like that. They will say that we are IP thieves."</mandarin>

Notice employee's reaction to that. Also those "we"'s... so smart.


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