Now listening to the USC IP Clinic folks advocating for a DMCA exemption to expand patient access to their data on more devices, which was filed on behalf of Hugo Campos, Jay Radcliffe and me! So grateful for their work!

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The opposition just acknowledged that there's no real difference between medical devices that are implanted versus external ones. So some reasonable agreement on movement already!

Kate McClellan, Keon Zemoudeh and Jef Pearlman are all doing an awesome job, so proud to be part of the coa

I really wish the opposition would stop referring to "killing grandma", it's so offensive and so far from any possible result of the exemption

@o0karen0o They're talking about "killing grandma" as a consequence of a user having easier access to their medical data?? If this is being recorded, it'd be a pretty bad look if the public could see it.

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