So there's still 3x matching funds left but only for the next 14 new @conservancy supporters! If you're waiting to donate now's the time! Just 1 day left in 2019! Totally unrelatedly, did you know that December's stressful for folks who work at nonprofits?

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also, which emojis should I have added to that toot?

@o0karen0o For a true Marketing Artist, the Facebook Marketing Handbook requires at least three emojis and no more than sixteen, with no more than four different emojis due to user attention span. Your emoji choice must be one of the top 20 trending. See page 121 of this reference to choose your emojis based upon data collected from an advanced neural network designed to find the best emoji combination for your message and the likely interpretation the combination creates for your audience.

@o0karen0o my ideas for emojis
⌛ 💸 📆 ; ⏰ 💰 🙏 ; 💌 ⏲️;

@o0karen0o Do you know if @conservancy is still taking donations from PIA who Gab have affiliated with?

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