I wrote about my experience at Disneyland, and how my avoidance of proprietary software highlighted the inequities that are being designed into technology in all corners of our society.

@o0karen0o Thank you for bringing this up. I think the increasing number of services offered only to people who agree to install random apps is a big issue. I recently visited a city where a lot of people are using rented electric scooters (and it could have been helpful to use one for me too), but all these services seem to require apps, although just a web browser (or even sms, like with trams in some countries) should have been perfectly fine.

@o0karen0o My wife has an insulin pump and the hard coded proprietary algorithms simply don't work for her, rendering the auto-mgmt features of a $10,000 medical device useless to us. I wrote more about it here.

@chrisod @o0karen0o Yikes. I'd add that from a cursory read of your article, this is a control theory problem (= like a thermostat), a field that most software engineers aren't taught at all when studying for a CS degree, and engineers very very often bodge together bad & broken solutions in this field as a result

@chrisod @o0karen0o I've seen so many bad closed loop controllers obviously made by engineers who were never taught the subject, but they're usually related to stuff like network load balancing. seeing one used for a medical device like this where the inner workings are completely unknown is terrifying.

@chrisod @o0karen0o I’m part of a team working on getting the open-source Loop app authorized by the FDA:

@gendor @chrisod That work is so important! I'd love to be in touch to hear about your progress. It saddens me that you're focused on iphone but I understand why that is the case for now.

@o0karen0o @chrisod Android support is on the roadmap, but as the current DIY version of Loop is written in Swift, that was indeed the obvious first step.

Here's an e-mail form to keep up to date on our progress:

Or you can follow @Tidepool_org on birdsite.

@o0karen0o great essay, however: you can take care of your fast pass stuff at Disney Town Hall, and they tag it to your ticket/thumbprint. They don’t advertise this, sadly.

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