FOSDEM is over but tomorrow the fun continues with the #CopyleftConf. I will participate at a panel about #Copyleft in a business context with many great people where I will share my experience with #Nextcloud. #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Our Executive Director & Policy Fellow ( Karen Sandler & Bradley M. Kuhn) will speak at 14:00 in Janson at main track today about: "Open Source Won, but Software Freedom Hasn't Yet: A Guide & Commiseration Session for activists" at

Planning to attend ? I hear the video team can use some more help! They are really cool - volunteering means you get to hang out with them Friday during set up, and have an important job in one of the devrooms. I love seeing come together, it's so impressive.

Going through @conservancy's paper mail... it's so striking to get donations from 2 different medical device manufacturer companies' matching programs on the same day.

I am struck by how ahead of its time imood was. And it had basically just the good parts of social media.

Also, right now the Internet is feeling depressed.

OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

Excellent talk by Andrew Bartlett "Samba 2020: Why are we still in the 1980s for authentication?" at , ended with a thank you to @conservancy and a plea for folks to donate in the end of the fundraising drive!

...While this is certainly important, it is frankly the bare minimum that we need to do in order to prevent the from being treated as a permissive license that companies simply use to proprietarize all the code they use. We don’t want to see your freedom taken away, and we need to keeping fighting to avoid that future."

I now feel focused and fired up. @ossguy is so awesome. 2/2

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Compliance engineer Denver Gingerich wrote a passionate email to @conservancy supporters today: "Your donations so far have allowed us to check numerous companies’ source releases this year, each time getting us a bit closer to the goal of fully compliant releases of the GPLed software they use... 1/2

Thanks to the
team, you can get the most special bottle of wine! It goes to the highest donor today. If only @conservancy
had gotten a bottle of Chateau Picard for this...

Our Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, explains how we can restore equality and rid ourselves of toxic proprietary relicensing (sometimes imprecisely called dual licensing) with a novel copyleft clause (invented by Richard Fontana for copyleft-next).

Someone donated $5 to @conservancy today, saying it was all they could manage with their finances but they appreciate our work. I find this so motivating!

Conservancy is delighted to announce that long-time FOSS advocate Allison Randal is joining our Board of Directors. 💚

wow wow wow, @conservancy
only needs 2 more new supporters to unlock that part of the match challenge! You could totally be the one to close that down!

Finally getting in some year-end donations, including re-upping my annual support for @conservancy - they're being triple matched right now, so if you're looking to support FOSS (like Mastodon!) with your dollars, they're a good choice!

@o0karen0o my ideas for emojis
⌛ 💸 📆 ; ⏰ 💰 🙏 ; 💌 ⏲️;

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