🥁 Hey folks. You may know I'm a HUGE fan of Outreachy for its hands-on efforts to bring marginalised people into open source.

As such I am _delighted_ to share that my employers the Wellcome Trust will be supporting Outreachy over the next year, funding ten internship spots for open science Wellcome-related projects:


🧵 thread for more...

We're excited to announce the launch of our new XMPP chat server! Come join us for our weekly chat at:

Today 5 years ago 12 people founded Nextcloud to create a complete Free and Open Source alternative to centralise proprietary cloud services and open core competitors. Together we achieved a lot more then what I dreamed of. Thanks to everyone who is contributing.

An intro to @pono

"It's easy to get lost in the billion dollar industries that rely on our labor, but at the end of the day we are people working together with people."


We're so happy to introduce our newest staff member @pono ! Pono is joining us to as a Community Organizer and Nonprofit Problem Solver.


wait, you mean to say that people don't actually spontaneously comply with their obligations (even though they know they are supposed to) unless there's enforcement?

My mother was upset today that my phone didn't have some functionality but instead of saying that I needed to change my choices, she said "it's ridiculous that software hasn't been released freely"! So nice.

And that's it for our 1201 hearings! Thanks @copiesofcopies and Pam Chestek for representing @conservancy and making effective cases to support folks wanting to justly exercise on their devices!

Copyright office referring to our written comments prompted the opposition to acknowledge they agree in principle with our exemption request and that it's just up to drafting! @copiesofcopies is doing a fantastic job here!

Join today copyright.gov/1201/2021/public as one of our attorneys, @copiesofcopies , testifies before Copyright Office regarding our exemption request related to : seeking right to circumvent lock-down on wireless routers. sfconservancy.org/news/2020/de has links to written part.

BTW, we're annoyed that USA government refused to provide option to view/hear this w/out proprietary software. We raised this issue, but decided overarching moral imperative is participate for the rights of users despite that.

Some great advice in this article on @conservancy's site by @sagesharp:

"When you apologize, invest substantial time and consideration to determine what part of your behavior caused harm, and what similar behavior might also cause harm."


I really wish the opposition would stop referring to "killing grandma", it's so offensive and so far from any possible result of the exemption

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Kate McClellan, Keon Zemoudeh and Jef Pearlman are all doing an awesome job, so proud to be part of the coa

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The opposition just acknowledged that there's no real difference between medical devices that are implanted versus external ones. So some reasonable agreement on movement already!

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Now listening to the USC IP Clinic folks advocating for a DMCA exemption to expand patient access to their data on more devices, which was filed on behalf of Hugo Campos, Jay Radcliffe and me! So grateful for their work!

Listening to @copiesofcopies defend @conservancy
's DMCA exemption request to permit testing, investigation and correction of privacy issues!

Tomorrow's 1201 (DMCA) Hearings continue w/Aaron Williamson representing us in our request to permit testing, investigation, & correction of privacy issues. Tune in at 10:30 ET (you can watch via the browser, but there's still registration + captcha).

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