Every Thursday afternoon at 2pm Eastern/6pm UTC, we're meeting to chat. This week we're welcoming @keynote2k
aka Tony Sebro who delivered a most excellent keynote at in February. archive.org/details/copyleftco

Join us this Thursday at 2pm ET/6pm UTC where will be discussing the excellent keynote given by Tony Sebro at this year. He'll also be joining us in chat if you've got questions. See you Thursday! archive.org/details/copyleftco

Not sure if I can make it today due to the holiday week, but in any case Bradley and @freedeb will be in @conservancy's channel in 2 and a half hours to chat with anyone who shows up! webchat.freenode.net/#conserva

Bradley and I recorded an episode of the Free as in Freedom Podcast at @SeaGL. It was much fun, and now feels all the more precious that it happened at all. We've posted the "live-on-tape" show:



Conservancy has been a 100% remote organization for over 5 years and we thought it might be helpful to share some of the free software tools that we use to do our work. Questions welcome!


boosting !!Con
Due to COVID-19, !!Con 2020 will be a remote/virtual conference. We'll post more information on Monday, March 16.

Surprise! We can't have a shiny new GNOME release without a shiny new release video!

Special thanks to Chris Rogers, @o0karen0o and @freehive for their hard work.


We're thrilled to announce the official release of GNOME 3.36 "Gresik". This version contains 6 months of work by the GNOME community and includes many improvements, performance enhancements, and new features. Please see the link below for more info:

This round I helped w/Outreachy's
application review process, since there were over 900 applications submitted in just the last week! Doing this work made me all the more appreciative of Sage Sharp & @contraexemplo@im-in.space. Reading application essays, which are personal stories of discrimination & bias, is intense & emotional work. While exhausting, this has me keenly remembering how much is needed.

FOSDEM is over but tomorrow the fun continues with the #CopyleftConf. I will participate at a panel about #Copyleft in a business context with many great people where I will share my experience with #Nextcloud. 2020.copyleftconf.org/schedule #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Our Executive Director & Policy Fellow ( Karen Sandler & Bradley M. Kuhn) will speak at 14:00 in Janson at main track today about: "Open Source Won, but Software Freedom Hasn't Yet: A Guide & Commiseration Session for activists" at fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event

Planning to attend ? I hear the video team can use some more help! They are really cool - volunteering means you get to hang out with them Friday during set up, and have an important job in one of the devrooms. I love seeing come together, it's so impressive.

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