@o0karen0o Thank you for bringing this up. I think the increasing number of services offered only to people who agree to install random apps is a big issue. I recently visited a city where a lot of people are using rented electric scooters (and it could have been helpful to use one for me too), but all these services seem to require apps, although just a web browser (or even sms, like with trams in some countries) should have been perfectly fine.

@o0karen0o My wife has an insulin pump and the hard coded proprietary algorithms simply don't work for her, rendering the auto-mgmt features of a $10,000 medical device useless to us. I wrote more about it here. odonnellweb.com/pelican/algori

I wrote about my experience at Disneyland, and how my avoidance of proprietary software highlighted the inequities that are being designed into technology in all corners of our society.


Headed home from an in-person @conservancy staff meeting. I just feel so lucky to work with so many great people!

Ok procrastinators, it's your moment to shine! The CFP is open until the end of today (November 17th) anywhere on earth, so get those last minute proposals in. 2020.copyleftconf.org/program/

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that stuffing envelopes with Sage Sharp
would be so fun! And of course thank you to all of the
alums who filled out our survey!

Today is the CfP deadline for the legal & policy devroom AND ! Take a few minutes and submit now - you have important things to say that I want to hear!

Great keynotes today at ! First @mako rocked it giving us a thoughtful snapshot on where the movement is and where we need to go, and now Sage Sharp is getting started on how we can change our culture to reduce

Calling all Faifcast fans! Our Executive Director @o0karen0o and Distinguished Technologist Bkuhn are going to be doing a LIVE podcast this weekend at SeaGL. If you can get to Seattle, you'll get to see the magic in person. osem.seagl.org/conferences/sea

I just noticed the @fsfe's tag line and really love it: "empowering users to control technology"


At @SeaGL this year, Bradley and I will be doing an in-person podcast recording! You can bring your questions to the booth, ask them live or even (as always) email them in advance! osem.seagl.org/conferences/sea

The terminal shooter game now has enemies and enemy bullets!

That's about all I need now to prove to myself that Spritely Goblins is a comfortable environment to develop in. Want me to take another week to push it out as a playable game? That's now left up to meeting the funding goal on Patreon. patreon.com/cwebber

The @gnome
defense fund is *very* close to crossing into 6 figures. Even giving tiny amounts send a strong message about the number of donors who are motivated by this attack on our community! The donation goal is now totally within reach.

WineConf properly kicking off this morning with a keynote by Alexandre Julliard! What a lovely collection of people.

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