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I'm a software engineer from .

I spent an unhealthy amount of time working with old version of (1.4, 1.5). I've done some development and loved it.

I made an iOS app once (not in the store anymore).

and are hobbies currently on a hiatus.

English is my second language. Klingon is my first... jk.

Came here thanks to @CodingItWrong

. . . .

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If you “stay in your lane” people will expect no more from you. A lane is another name for a rut. Explore the entire highway of life and experience. You won’t be good at all, or even most, but you will be able to speak from experience.

I pity the rich for they can’t enjoy the thrills of living paycheck to paycheck. Savor it while you can because life is uncertain and one day you may wake up rich and there won’t be way back. Your existence will consist in insipidly getting richer and richer until the day you die. Poor you.

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What if you go down a rabbit hole only to find there were no rabbits?

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Tried to download a white paper from a LinkedIn ad and the download didn’t work in Firefox; I had to use Chrome.

Tried to let the poster know on LinkedIn and I couldn’t attach a screenshot in Firefox; I had to use Chrome.

The moral of this story is not to not use Firefox (it almost always works for me), but it’s disappointing when web devs don’t test in Firefox. We need to not have a browser monopoly.

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Amazon recruiter: "I'd like to chat about your career goals."

Me: "My career goals are to not work for Amazon."

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I keep forgetting that Rollerdrome is out in 2 weeks! 😱

One of my most anticipated games this year.
RT @PlayStationEU
From Commodore 64 experimentation to composing Rollerdrome 🎵

The artist behind the game’s retro-futuristic synth beats discusses his early influences and process:

Did I recommend laptops? I think I still need to spend more time with it but except for the really bad speakers, I’d say yes, I feel it’s gonna be a good laptop. But ask me again in a few months for updates.

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I like that I don’t have to use dongles to connect my monitor and keyboard like I have to do with a MacBook. All these “extra” ports don’t make the laptop heavier or bigger, it’s still as portable as any MacBook Pro and that is definitely a pro (see what I did here, I’m amazing)

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The display is pretty good for my needs, is bright enough and most of the time I only have text on my screen so I don’t really need anything fancy. I didn’t expect the web cam to be good but again it’s good for meetings, it’s 720p and people can see me clearly which is all I need from a web cam these days. Sadly, it doesn’t make you look handsome.

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The keyboard is fine, it’s a laptop keyboard, nothing special. I cannot say much in this area because I don’t like laptop keyboards in general, I always use mechanical keyboard and in this case I only use it with an external 4 Professional that I’v been using for more than 4 years and I love it. But the laptop keyboard seems fine for me for short sessions when I can’t have the my main keyboard.

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In terms of hardware, the only thing I’m disappointed about the laptop is the speakers. I know I shouldn’t be expecting greatness from laptop speakers but I think these are really bad, sound like the laptop was in a can. It’s not a deal breaker because I always used headphones but still, I wouldn’t expect them to be this bad.

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Last time I “used” as my personal computer was in 1999 and I had to compile the drivers for my winmodem, drivers which I got from a guy in Europe who kindly shared them with me in IRC. But I had to modify the IRQs in the C source code for them to work with my modem. I got them working but the speed was only 28000Kbps when my winmodem actually supported blazing fast speeds up to 56000Kbps. Needless to say that I didn’t used it for long.

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My initial impressions using my new Darter Pro laptop are mostly positive.
I’m impressed how much has a made progress to become a friendlier OS, Pop! OS is incredibly easy to use, all the devices I connected just worked, even the Bluetooth ones. As soon as I moved my data and installed the applications I used the most, I was productive. I spent more time setting up accounts and access than configuring Linux itself, so far I can do everything I was doing in my previous OS.

I love and I love . In this age of crossovers and multiverses, this is the one I didn't know I needed:

version of 's Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

Just beautiful!

Well, I’m finally doing it, I’m starting a new journey. I’ve been migrating to , , or alternative software in my current OS (thanks for the suggestion @CodingItWrong) in preparation for the final move to /

Why? You may not like the answer but was my gateway drug. So here I go…

When I see a video that includes "...honest review..." in its title, I wonder if the other reviews from the same channel were not honest. Or is just that "honest" became a click-bait word? So when my mind read it I'm going to think "Oh, I want to watch this one, not all the other hypocrites channels".

"Garbage collection is tremendous help in writing correct programs, but it does not relieve you of the burden of thinking about memory. You don't need to explicitly allocate and free memory, but to write efficient programs you still need to be aware of the lifetime of variables."
-- from The Progamming Langauge book.

I like the honest description of the GC, they don't pretend they solved memory allocation, instead they ask programmers to at least be aware of it.

You may not agree with the philosophy. You may not like the Free Software Foundation ideas. Heck, you may even dislike Richard Stallman... but one thing is true: they mastered the art of writing great technical documentation.

If you take the time to RTM, you're well on your way to not only learn how to use it but also on your way to master it.

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